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ATTENTION: Hill House Wares will close effective October 13, 2023. No orders will be taken after that date

Welcome to Hill House Wares, established September 2003. Items listed as "excellent" condition are as close to "mint" as they can get. Items in "very good" condition may have some slight scratches or a manufacturing flaw that takes them out of the excellent category but if it is a noticeable defect, I try to spell it out. "Good" items have noticeable wear and again, I spell it out. Buyer pays all shipping and handling costs. See instructions on placing orders for details. Before placing an order, please be sure to read my ordering and return policies. I AM NOT AN IDENTIFICATION SERVICE AND I DO NOT PROVIDE APPRAISALS. Most of the items featured are no longer being manufactured and nearly all items are used.I DO NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY. If you ever receive an item that has been damaged in shipment be sure to contact me immediately (within 72 hours) and save all the packaging materials so an inspector can review them. Do not remove my labels until you are sure there is no damage or problems with the purchase. Take a photo of the damage with the label showing. I do not accept merchandise back or issue refunds if the labels are not intact. I realize that removing labels can be annoying. However, they do protect me from dishonest customers who want to return their own damaged items claiming that they are the items I shipped. Labels can be easily removed by soaking the item in warm water for about 10 minutes. If you have any questions, be sure to email me at: hill.donna@sbcglobal.net. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME TO BUY YOUR DINNERWARE, GLASSWARE, ETC., AS I PREFER TO LOOK AT EVERY PIECE I BUY AND BUYING OTHER THAN LOCALLY (SAN MATEO COUNTY, CA) IS TOO COST PROHIBITIVE. Thank you for visiting and reading my homepage! I do appreciate it.


Adams, Adderley, Anchor Hocking, Aran aka Arklow Shannon, Arcopol, Arthur Court Designs, Arzberg, Ashley, Aynsley China, Bauer , Baum Brothers, Bavaria, Bernardaud & Co. Limoges, Blair Ceramics, Blue Ridge, Booths, British Anchor, Brock, Buffalo Pottery, Burgess & Leigh, Castleton, Cemar, Charles Ahrenfeldt, Churchill, Continental Kilns, Coors Porcelain, Copeland, Corning, Cost Plus, Countepoint/Takahashi, Crooksville China Company, Crown Staffordshire China Co. Ltd., Dansk, Denby/Langley, Denwar Ceramics, Edwin M. Knowles, El Rancho, Enterprise Aluminum Company, Epoch, Eschenbach, Farber Brothers, Federal Glass, Fire King, Fitz and Floyd, Flintridge China, Fortecrisa, Franciscan, Franconia/Krauthein, Frankoma, French-Saxon, Fukagawa, Furnivals Limited, GDA (Chas Haviland), Gabriel, Gibson Overseas, Gorham Company, H. F. Coors, Haeger, Hall China, Harkerware/Harker Pottery, Harmony House/Sears, Haviland, Heath Ceramics, Inc., Heinrich , Hermann Ohme Porcelains, Homer Laughlin China, Hyalyn, Indiana/Colony Glass Company, Iroquois China Company, JKW (Josef Kuba Werkstatte), Japan, Jepcor International, Johann Haviland, John B. Taylor, Johnson Brothers, Josef Kuba, Kaysons, Krister-Porzellan Manufaktur, Lamberton, Lane and Company/Sunkist Creations of California, Laurel Potteries of California, Lenox China Company, Limoges Castel, Louisville Stoneware, M. A. Hadley, Marcrest, Maxam, McCoy, Metlox, Midwinter Stonehenge/Stoneware, Mikasa, Minton, Miramar Pottery, Monterey Art Pottery Company, Muncie Potteries, Myott, Neiman Marcus, Nikko, Noritake China, Oneida, Onodaga Pottery Company, Orchard Ware/Hollywood Ware, Osborne, Oscar & Edgar Gutherz aka Royal Austria Factory, Pacific Clay Products Company, Paden City Pottery, Padre, Pfaltzgraff , Pope Gosser, Pyrex, Queen Anne, Queens, Red Wing , Retsch & Company, Rosenthal Continental, Roseville, Royal Albert, Royal China, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Doulton, Royal Grafton, Royal Jackson (Vogue Ceramic Industries), Royal Patrician, Royal Stafford, Royal Windsor , Royal Worcester, Salem, Salisbury, Sambos Restaurant, Sampson Smith, Sango China, Santa Anita, Scio Pottery, Seltmann, Seymmour Mann, Sheffield, Shenango China Company, Signals, Spode, Staffordshire, Stangl, Sterling China, Stetson China Company, Steubenville Pottery Company, Stouffer China, Syracuse China Company, TAG, Taste Seller Sigma, Taylor, Smith & Taylor, Technical Porcelain and Chinaware Company (TEPCO), The Rocky Mountain Pottery Company, Theodore Haviland, Tirschenreuth, Treasure Craft or Pottery Craft, Universal Potteries, Inc., Unknown Dinnerware, Veritable Porcelaine D-Art, Vernonware, Villeroy & Boch, W. H. Grindley, W. M. Fraser, W. S. George, Wallace China Company, Watt Pottery, Wedgwood China, Weil Ware/California Figurine Company, Western Stoneware Company, William Guerin of Limoges, Winfield Pottery/China Company, Wood & Sons

I carry a variety of domestic manufacturers such as: Franciscan, Lenox, Blue Ridge, and Metlox. I also offer a few foreign companies such as: Spode, Copeland, Royal Doulton, and Wedgwood. Although used, the dinnerware pieces generally show little wear and tear. Most of the manufacturers listed have gone out of business so their patterns are getting harder and harder to find. Franciscan Pottery had several lines of glassware; such as Madeira manufactured by Tiffin and Cabaret, by Fostoria. Look for these under the name of the manufacturer in Glassware. I do have some of the English Desert Rose glassware and that is listed under Dinnerware/Franciscan/Desert Rose (Eng).


Americana Art China Company, Anchor Hocking, Anheuser Busch, Avon, Cambridge Glass Company, Ceramarte, Coors Brewery, Cristal d'Arques/Durand, Culver Glass, Farber Brothers, Federal Glass, Hall China, Harvey's Hotels and Casinos, Hazel Atlas, Heirlooms of Tomorrow/California Originals, Indiana/Colony Glass Company, Kastrup Holmegaard, Maurice Ceramics of California, Michter's Distillery, Miller Brewing Company, Pabst Brewery, Shulton, Silver Legacy Resort and Casino, Smith Glass Co., Spode, Stangl, Trader Vic's, Treasure Island , Unknown Barware, Vernonware, West Bend

I have a sizeable selection of steins by Anheuser Bush (Bud steins, both holiday and general). I also carry some Avon Steins, ice buckets (by various manufacturers), ashtrays (primarily casinos like Harrah's, Mapes, Harold's Club and the like) and anything else I associate with a bar. However, most glassware is listed separately under the Glassware category.


Anchor Hocking, Bauer , CoffeeX, Countepoint/Takahashi, Dee, Douglas Flameproof Glass, Federal Glass, Fire King, Garden City Pottery, Glasbake, Griswold, Guardian Service, Hall China, Harkerware/Harker Pottery, Hazel Atlas, Heirlooms of Tomorrow/California Originals, Homer Laughlin China, Indiana/Colony Glass Company, Kellogg Company, McKee Glass Company/Glasbake, Metlox, Munising Wood Products, Oxford Pottery, Pfaltzgraff , Pyrex, Ransburg Company, Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company, Royal China, Royal Worcester, Sango China, Smith Glass Co., Sundance, Treasure Craft or Pottery Craft, Twin Winton Ceramics, Universal Potteries, Inc., Unknown Kitchenware, Vernonware, Wagner, Watkins Incorporated, West Bend, Westinghouse

I carry kitchen canisters, pie plates, bowls, coffee pots, casseroles, cookie jars, etc. I usually have a good selection of Royal China/Jennette Country Harvest pie plates. There are some items from Hall, Pyrex (a diverse selection), Smith Glass, Twin Winton, Anchor Hocking and Fire King. Be sure to check out your favorite manufacturer under the other categories as well.

Smith Glass Co. Panel Canister Amber Canister Set


Artistic Pottery Company, Boston Warehouse, Brayton Laguna Pottery, Catalina Pottery, Continental Kilns, Design Gifts International, E. O. Brody, Farber Brothers, Fire King, Fostoria, Freeman-McFarlin Pottery, Gorham Crystal, Haeger, Hall China, Heirlooms of Tomorrow/California Originals, Hoosier Glass, Jamestown Pottery, Jammet & Seignolles, Jeannette Glass Company, Kay Finch, Lane and Company/Sunkist Creations of California, Lenox China Company, Lou Hoenig of California, Louisville Stoneware, Maddux, Maurice Ceramics of California, Metlox, Mikasa, National Pottery Company, Pfaltzgraff , Red Wing , Revere , Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company, Royal Doulton, Sascha Brastoff of California, Inc, Shawnee Pottery Company, Smith Glass Co., The Rocky Mountain Pottery Company, The Whittier Pottery Company, Treasure Craft or Pottery Craft, Unknown Housewares, Vernonware, Viking Glass or New Martinsville, Wade, Wedgwood China, Weil Ware/California Figurine Company

This category includes items such as vases, candlesticks, decorative glassware and candy dishes. Some of the manufacturers represented include Treasure Craft, Anchor Hocking, Avon, Fenton, Viking Glass and L. E. Smith. However, be sure to also check out my "Glassware" category for more from your favorite manufacturer.

Anchor Hocking Coolidge Vase Forest Green Vase


Avon, Disney, Dohr, Gorham Silver Mfg. Co,, Hall China, Hazel Atlas, International Silver Company, John Wyeth and Brother, KLM, Lladro, M&M's Limited, National Silver Company, Oneida, PEZ, Roger Bros., Unknown Glassware, Unknown Miscellaneous, Unknown Paperweights, Various, Wade, Wallace Silversmiths, Wheaton Glass Company, Whiting Manufacturing Company, Wm. Rogers and Sons

Here I have items that don't seem to fit anywhere in the other categories. You never know what you may find here (I don't either)! Right now I have a selection of Wade figurines and Wheaton decanters and collectible bottles.


A & W Root Beer, Anchor Hocking, Arcoroc, Avon, Bakewell, Pears and Company, Bartlett Collins, Bayel, Blenko Glass Company, Bryce Brothers, Cambridge Glass Company, Central Glass, Co-Operative Flint Glass Company, Continental Can Company, Cristal d'Arques/Durand, Cristal de Flandre, Culver Glass, DC Comics, Disney, Douglas Flameproof Glass, Duncan Miller, Farber Brothers, Federal Glass, Fenton Glass, Fire King, Fostoria, Franciscan, Gates Ware, Gorham Crystal, Hall China, Hanna Barbera Productions, Inc., Hazel Atlas, Heisey, Henson Associates, Imperial Glass Company, Import Associates Czech Republic, Indiana/Colony Glass Company, James Bradley Assoc. Inc., Jeannette Glass Company, Kanawha, King & Son Glass Company, L. Frank Baum, L. G. Wright Glass Company, Lenox China Company, Libbey Glass, Lucas Films, Luminarc Arcoroc, Macbeth-Evans Glass Company, Martha Stewart, McDonald's Corporation, McKee Glass Company/Glasbake, Mikasa, Model Flint, Morgantown Glass Guild, Murano Glass, Noritake China, Ohio Flint Glass, Paramont Pictures, Pfaltzgraff , Portugal, Pyrex, Sasaki, Silver City, Smith Glass Co., St. George Crystal, Swedish Crystal, Tiffin Glass, Turner Entertainment Company, U. S. Glass Company, UCAGCO, United Features Syndicate, Inc., Unknown Glassware, Viking Glass or New Martinsville, Wallace Berrie & Co., Warner Bros, Inc., Welch's, West Virginia Glass SpecialityCompany, Westmoreland, Wheaton Glass Company

I offer various types of glasses and pitchers by a wide variety of manufacturers, including Culver, Cris d'Arques, Duncan Miller, Heisy, Fostoria, Tiffin (primarily Franciscan Madeira glassware), Imperial (Candlewick), Libbey, Indiana Glass and Jeannette Glass Company. Although used, these pieces show little wear and tear. Be sure to check out Housewares and Barware as well for more glass items. I have a separate category for vintage champagne glasses.

Vintage Champagne Glasses

Johnson Brothers, Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester, Unknown Vintage Champagne

Whenever I can identify the manufacturer of a piece of glass, I list it under that manufacturer's name (such as Tiffin's Special Thistle champagne glasses). The vintage champagne glasses I feature under this category are either of unknown origin or I have not been able to confirm/verify the manufacturer. Many of these champagne glasses have very similar shapes with subtle variations which I have tried to describe. Many of those pictured here were made in the late 1800's up to the 1920s so it is very difficult to track them down. I appreciate any help I can get in positively identifying the makers.

Unknown Vintage Champagne Tapered Hollow Stem Filigree Etch

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