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Love of collecting things rare or beautiful was inherent in my genes. I come from a long line of collectors. Hill House Wares started out as more of a hobby. I bought our first Franciscan Pottery pattern a few years after we were married (It's the Franciscan October pattern. We were devastated when Franciscan Potteries ceased to exist in the USA and began a search to complete our dinnrware set. As we explored the various antique malls and stores for our pattern we came to know and appreciate more and more of the Franciscan patterns. Along the way we discovered other manufacturers that were similar, such as Metlox (especially the Autumn Bloom pattern) and Vernon Kilns. After realizing that so many of our country's potteries had gone out of business and so others would be as frustrated as we in trying to complete or replace pattern pieces, we began to collect different pieces that we found from the now nonexistant pottery companies. Originally, we thought we might just sell them at shows but with our ever increasing inventory and our expansion beyond just the California pottery companies, we decided to go with the flow and use the Internet. Today you will find a wide variety of goodies on the web site, not just pottery items. I hope you enjoy your travels through the web pages and the many memories they might bring back.

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