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I carry a variety of domestic manufacturers such as: Franciscan, Lenox, Blue Ridge, and Metlox. I also offer a few foreign companies such as: Spode, Copeland, Royal Doulton, and Wedgwood. Although used, the dinnerware pieces generally show little wear and tear. Most of the manufacturers listed have gone out of business so their patterns are getting harder and harder to find. Franciscan Pottery had several lines of glassware; such as Madeira manufactured by Tiffin and Cabaret, by Fostoria. Look for these under the name of the manufacturer in Glassware. I do have some of the English Desert Rose glassware and that is listed under Dinnerware/Franciscan/Desert Rose (Eng).


Adams is an English dinnerware firm. They are a part of the Wedgwood Group.

Adams Chusan Dinner Plate


Adderley is an English China manufacturer that has been in business since the early 1900s. Unfortunately, that is about all I know about the company.

Adderley Chelsea Cup

Anchor Hocking

Anchor Hocking Company was born of a merger of the Hocking Glass Company and Anchor Cap & Closure Corporation in 1937. The company is still in production today as a divison of Global Home Products with its headquarters located in Lancaster, Ohio. You will find items from their Fire King line listed separately. Various items are listed under dinnerware, barware, housewares, kitchenware and glassware.

Anchor Hocking Sandwich Desert Gold Bowl

Aran aka Arklow Shannon

Aran is an Irish dinnerware manufacturer.

Aran aka Arklow Shannon MIssouri Dinner Plate


Arcopol is one of the brand names of ARC International (Luminarc, Cris d'Arques and Mikasa are three others).

Arcopol Arcopol Unknown Dinner Plate

Arthur Court Designs

Arthur Court started his business in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1966. Together with his wife, Elena, they operate a successful business featuring exotic designs in metalware.

Arthur Court Designs Bunny Bread Tray


Arzberg is a German porcelain company known for its fine china.


Ashley is a company that produces dinnerware in Tangshan, China.

Ashley Eternal Love Salad Plate

Aynsley China

Aynsley China has been around since the late 1800s. This English china company is located in the Staffordshire area and produces some of the finest English china.

Aynsley China Various Floral Cabinet Cup and Saucer Set


Bauer is another well-recognized name in California pottery. First known as Bauer Pottery and then as J.A. Bauer Pottery Company, Inc., the firm was located in Los Angeles, CA from 1909 until it closed in 1962. Perhaps the most popular Bauerware are the bowls. I carry a few of them. I also carry a few items by J. Herb Brusche, who worked at Bauer and designed some of their items. Find pieces from his company listed separately under his last name.

Bauer  Bowl Green  Ringware

Baum Brothers

I have not been able to find any information on Baum Brothers china history. I suspect it may be an import company.

Baum Brothers Fresco Mercado Asparagus Oil Dipping Saucer


I somehow doubt that "Bavaria" is the name of the manufacturer but that is what is on the backstamp.

Bernardaud & Co. Limoges

Limoges, France is known for its fine porcelain companies. Bernardaud & Co. is just one of those manufacturers.

Bernardaud & Co. Limoges Cider Pitcher Cider Pitcher

Blair Ceramics

William H. Blair founded Blair Ceramics in Ozark, Missouri in the early 1940s. He became well-known for his innovative square dinnerware although he also designed patterns for the traditional round form.

Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Pottery was the product of Southern Potteries, Inc. of Erwin Tennesse. The company produced hand-decorated pottery from 1917 to 1957. In the early years, this pottery was known as Clinchfield Pottery. Collectors are still finding and recording patterns heretofore unknown. I have several books on Blue Ridge but I am always looking to identify the unknown patterns that I list. I have pieces from forty identifed patterns and a few unknowns that are listed under their shape. Most large Blue Ridge pieces are marked as Blue Ridge but some smaller ones are not.

Blue Ridge Wild Cherry #3 Vegetable Bowl


Booths (Ltd) was established in 1891 and was located in Tunstall, England. In 1948 the company joined Colclough China Ltd and became Booths and Colclough Ltd. In 1955 the company Joined Ridgway and became Ridgway & Adderly, Booths & Colclough Ltd. The Ridway Group which consisted of eight factories lasted unted 1964.

Booths Real Old Willow Dinner Plate

British Anchor

British Anchor Pottery Company, Ltd was in business from 1884 until sometime in the 1970s. It was located in Longton, England.

British Anchor Wild Birds of Heath & Moorland Partridge Dinner Plate


Southern California Pottery Company, Inc. aka B. J. Brock Company was located in Lawndale, California. Founded n 1947 by Bert Brock, the company closed in the mid 1950s. What I find unique about most of Brock's dinnerware are the unusual shapes of the accessory pieces.

Brock Chanticleer Cup

Buffalo Pottery

The Buffalo Pottery Company is located in Buffalo, NY. It has been in business since 1901 and is a major producer of industrial/hotel/restaurant dinnerware.

Buffalo Pottery Restaurant Ware Blue Floral Cereal Bowl

Burgess & Leigh

Burgess & Leigh is an English pottery company that was established back in 1851 in Burslelm, Staffordshire, England. It is still in business today.

Burgess & Leigh Unknown Burleigh Ware Turkey Plate


Castleton China began in 1901 with the Shenango and New Castle Pottery Companies in New Castle, Pennsylvania. "Castleton China, Inc." began manufacturing china in 1939. The company produced their fine china until 1974.

Castleton Bristol Bread and Butter Plate


Cemar Potteries was founded in 1935 by two former employees of Bauer, Paul Cauldwell and C. J. Malone. In 1955 the Cemar molds were acquired by Bauer.

Cemar Cemar Unknown Dark Rose Cup and Saucer Set

Charles Ahrenfeldt

The Charles Ahrenfeldt porcelain factory was establsihed in the late 1800s. The factory was located in Limoges, France. The factory closed in 1969.

Charles Ahrenfeldt Bartolome Esteban Murillo Plate


Churchill China Company is an English firm with roots dating back over 100 years. It is actually several companies in one. Dinnerware produced by the 4 factories can be marked either, James Adler, Queens, Dining In or Churchill. So far I just have four patterns bearing the Churchill name.

Churchill Willow (Blue) Dinner Plate

Continental Kilns

Continental Kilns was a relatively short-lived company that began in Chester, West Virginia in 1944. Their china featured floral and leave motifs. The company went out of business in 1957. I don't come across too many of their products.

Continental Kilns Lotus Tree Blossom Vase

Coors Porcelain

Coors Porcelain began as the Herold China and Pottery Company in 1910. It became Coors Porcelain in 1920 and still in operation in Golden, Colorado.

Coors Porcelain Rosebud Yellow Dessert Plate


Chasing down the history of dinnerware companies can be as difficult as tracing one's own ancestry. What started out as Spode Pottery in the 1770s became Copeland and Garrett in 1833 when William Taylor Copeland renamed it. In 1847it was again renamed as W. T. Copeland. Later, in 1867 it became W. T. Copeland and Sons. In 1970 the name reverted back to Spode. In 1976 it became Royal Worcester Spode Ltd. When Portmeirion bought the company in 2009, they retained the Royal Worcester Spode name.

Copeland Rose Briar Serving Platter


The Corning Corporation headquarters is located in Corning, New York (go figure!) One of its divisions is the Pyrex Corporation which would explain the close relationship between their dinnerware patterns (Corelle) and Pyrex kitchenware. Look for patterns under Pyrex, Corning and James Bradley glassware. I have Corelle items in Dinnerware but look under Pyrex in Kitchenware and Glassware for corresponding patterns and pieces.

Corning Spring Blossom Bread & Butter Plate

Cost Plus

Cost Plus is actually a retail store and not a china manufacturer. They buy dinnerware from various sources and sell it under their own name.

Cost Plus Unknown Cost Plus Bread & Butter Plate


Countepoint and Takahashi are importers of Japanese wares and are located in San Francisco, California. I only carry their glass canisters.

Countepoint/Takahashi Canisters Yellow Canister

Crooksville China Company

The Crooksville China Company was in business in Crooksville, Ohio from 1902 to 1959. They were known for their folksy, country-style semi-porcelain dinnerware.

Crooksville China Company Dairy Maid Dinner Plate

Crown Staffordshire China Co. Ltd.

Crown Staffordshire China was an English manufacturer that began in the early 1800s. They continued production until 1985.

Crown Staffordshire China Co. Ltd. Crown Staffordshire Unknown Dinner Plate


Dansk is a company that was inspired by Scandinavian designs. The company was founded by Ted and Martha Nierenberg. The dinnerware is produced in several different countries, including Japan, Portugal and China.

Dansk Sky Blue Mesa Dinner Plate


Langley was once located at Langley Mill, England but that facility closed and moved the main production to Denby Derbyshire. The company is still in business.

Denby/Langley Mayflower Dinner Plate

Denwar Ceramics

Denwar Ceramics (aka Denwar Studios) of Costa Mesa, California was formed in 1946 by Esther Sietmann Warner and her husband Jo Dendel (hence: Den-War). Their dinnerware was very popular in the 1950s. In the later years they turned their interests to fiber arts, such as weaving and spinning. This dinnerware is getting more and more popular with collectors. So far I have only been able to find pieces in Thatch, Guinea Gold and Cola Brown. The missing color is Gibi Green.

Edwin M. Knowles

The Edwin M. Knowles China Company was located in West Virginia. The company began in 1900 and ceased production in 1963.

Edwin M. Knowles Yorktown Dinner Plate

El Rancho

This dinnerware is a mystery to me. The plates only say "El Rancho Hand Painted" on the bottom so I don't know if El Rancho is the name of the manufacturer or the pattern. Any help in identifying this dinnerware would be appreciated!

El Rancho El Rancho Dinner Plate

Enterprise Aluminum Company

I'm not really sure about the origins of this company. I've read that it was located in Massillow, Ohio and that some of its products were produced by Hall (such as the coffee pots). Hall furnished the pottery pots and Enterprise furnished the inserts.

Enterprise Aluminum Company Coffee Pots Drip-O-Lator Coffe Pot


I know nothing about Epoch other than it is a Korean dinnerware company. I suspect it has some ties to Jepco beacuse their Whipped Cream patterns are so similiar.

Epoch Whipped Cream Chop Plate


Eschenbach was a German porcelain company founded in 1906 in Windischeschenbach, Germany. In 2000 the company was bought out by Triptis. In 2004 Triptis filed for bankruptcy, but reopened as a member of an investment group consisting of Eschenbach, Freiberger Hotelporzellan, Triptis and Winterling brands.

Farber Brothers

In 1915 Louis and Harry Farber established the Farber Brothers Krome-Kraft company, specializing in brass, chrome-plate and silver plated holloware. The company was located in New York ,NY. In the early 1930s they began creating metal holders for china and glass. Some of their most popular pieces held Cambridge glass (line #6018 )compotes, salt and pepper shakers and other assorted glassware. The company closed in 1965.

Farber Brothers Unknown Farber Brothers Gold and White Bowl

Federal Glass

The Federal Glass Company was located in Columbus, Ohio and was one of the major producers of "Depression Glass". It was eventually purchased by Lancaster Colony. Look under Glassware and Kitchenware to find their products. I have quite a few pieces in the Windsor pattern (if you are looking for colored Windsor, look under Indiana Glass).

Federal Glass Rosemary "Dutch Rose" Fruit Bowl

Fire King

Fire King was a line of the Anchor Hocking Glass Company which began in 1941 and continued into the 1970s. They produced dinner, glass and tableware in numerous patterns and colors but are probably most well-known for their Jade-ite pieces. I offer quite a selection of mugs as well as other items. Pieces are found in Dinnerware, Kitchenware and Glassware.

Fire King Candleglow Casserole and Lid

Fitz and Floyd

Like Lefton and other companies, Fitz and Floyd is a distributor of foreign-made dinnerware. The company was founded in 1960 and it's headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Fitz and Floyd Golden Heron Mug

Flintridge China

The Flintridge China Company began in Pasadena, California in 1946. It was acquired by Gorham in 1970. Gorham continued many of the Flintridge patterns for a time so you will find pieces with one or the other backstamps. I have pieces from over thirteen of their patterns. The Flintridge China Company began in Pasadena, California in 1946. It was acquired by Gorham in 1970. Gorham continued many of the Flintridge patterns for a time so you will find pieces with one or the other backstamps. I have pieces from over thirteen of their patterns but for some reason, patterns are hard to find.

Flintridge China Marlo Cup and Saucer Set


Fortecrisa is a Mexican dinnerware manufacturer.

Fortecrisa Unknown Fortecrisa Plate


Franciscan Ware, or Franciscan Pottery as it was first named in 1934, was manufactured by Gladding-McBean and Company of Glendale, CA. Scores of different styles and patterns were produced. In 1962 Gladding McBean and Company merged with the Lock Joint Pipe Company and became Interpace. Franciscanware was produced in California until 1984 when the facility at Glendale was closed and all production moved to England. Johnson Brothers of England then produced some of the patterns in England (later some patterns/pieces were produced in Japan, China and Portugal). It is important to note that not all pieces carry a “Franciscan” mark. Unless you are familiar with a particular pattern, you may not recognize it as “Franciscan.” I carry mostly those patterns produced in California but also a few made in England and China which I list separately. Even those pieces made in California have slight variations due to mold changes, or, for those which are hand-painted, the skill of the painter. I have pieces from one hundred and sixty-six Franciscan patterns. I always think of Desert Rose for Easter (although Wild Flower would work equally well), Ivy for St. Patrick's Day, October for Thanksgiving and Apple for Christmas. Franciscan China is now only produced in China. While some of the English glassware is listed with the English dinnerware, the pieces produced in the USA by Fostoria (Cabaret) and Tiffin (Madeira) are listed under Glassware.

Franciscan Desert Rose (USA) Salad Plate


Franconia/Krauthein is located in the Selb Bavaria region of Germany. The company was orginally founded in 1884 as Krauthein and Adelberg. Franconia China purchased it around 1945. Both names can be found on the backstamps.

Franconia/Krauthein La Princesse Serving Platter


Frankoma Pottery was founded in 1927 by John Frank. The company, still producing pottery, is located in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Their pottery is made with good old Oklahoma clay and has a distinctive rustic nature about it and very unique shapes. Before 1954, the pottery was made from a tan-colored clay from Ada, Oklahoma. After 1954, they began using a red clay from Sapulpa.


What began in Sebring, Ohio as the French China Company (circa 1900), eventually turned into the French-Saxon China Company. It was ultimately bought by the Royal China Company in 1984.


Fukagawa is a Japanese dinnerware company located in the port city of Arita. The company was founded in 1894 by Chuji Fukagawa.

Fukagawa Silver Lichen Dinner Plate

Furnivals Limited

Furnivals Limited is an English dinnerware manufacturer.

Furnivals Limited Old Chelsea Dinner Plate

GDA (Chas Haviland)

Gerard, Dufraisseix & Abbot (GDA)had its beginnings in 1900. In 1941 Charles Field Haviland bought the rights to the name.

GDA (Chas Haviland) GDA Unknown Plate


Gabriel Pottery is nearly synonymous with Winfield Pottery. Margaret M. Gabriel ran Winfield for about five years, from 1941 to 1946, when the Winfield shapes were licensed to American Ceramic Products and that company took on the Winfield name. Margaret's company used the name Gabriel.

Gabriel Unknown Gabriel Salad Plate

Gibson Overseas

Gibson Overseas is a family-owned company that has been in business since 1979. It is located in Alhambra, California.

Gibson Overseas Mickey & Co. Dinner Plate

Gorham Company

The Gorham Company was started in 1831 and began producing fine china in 1970 when they took over the Flintridge China Company. They continued producing many of the patterns initiated by Flintridge but used their own backstamp. They discontinued producing china in 1984 and began importing it.

Gorham Company Midnight Contessa Bread and Butter Plate

H. F. Coors

The H. F. Coors Company which was located in Inglewood, California, is now located in Tucson, Arizona. The company produces a wide assortment of ceramic productions, including a line of hotel/restaurant ware called "Alox".

H. F. Coors Restaurant Ware Bread and Butter Plate


Haeger Potteries, Inc. is an Illinois pottery company with plants in Macomb and Dundee. It has been in business since 1871 and is perhaps best know for its vases, bowls and decorative items. Pieces from this company are gaining in popularity.

Haeger Decorative Pottery Bowl

Hall China

The Hall China Company is located in East Liverpool, Ohio. It has been in business since founded on August 14, 1903. Dinnerware production has been sporatic, however. The company produced dinnerware from 1908 to 1911 and then stopped until 1936. The company is probably most well-known for producing the Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf pattern. In March of 2010, the company merged with Homer Laughlin China Company.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery

Harker Pottery was an Ohio based pottery company. The Harker Pottery name began around 1857 and was operated by George S. Harker. The company was in business until 1972. The company also produced dinnerware for the Sears and Roebuck Harmony House line.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Everglades Dinner Plate

Harmony House/Sears

Harmony House is not actually the name of a manufacturer but was a line of dinnerware sold by Sears & Roebuck. It was produced by various manufacturers including but not limited to Hall China, Homer Laughlin, Harker, Orchardware, Salem China, and Universal Potteries. I currently carry pieces from six patterns.

Harmony House/Sears Classique Gold Soup Bowl


Haviland China is synonymous with fine porcelain. Orignally began by David Haviland, the company was divided between his two surviving sons, Theodore and Charles Edward in 1879. Each took their own path but both produced high quality and highly collectible china. Charles' Company survived until the Stock Market Crash of 1929 but Theodore's legacy continued intil 1972.

Haviland Various Cup and Saucer Set

Heath Ceramics, Inc.

Heath Ceramics, Inc., located in Sausalito, California started in 1947.

Heath Ceramics, Inc. Opaque White Soup Bowl


Heinrich is an old German procelain manufacturer founded in 1896 by Franz Heinrich in Selb Germany. The company is still in operation today and is a subsidiary of Villeroy & Boch.

Heinrich  Grazie Gravy Boat with Attached Underplate

Hermann Ohme Porcelains

The Hermann Ohme Porcelain Factory was located in Niedersalzbrunn, Silesia, Germany. It was founded in 1882 continued until 1928.

Hermann Ohme Porcelains Unknown Ohme Salad Plate

Homer Laughlin China

The Homer Laughlin China Company began in 1897 in East Liverpool, Ohio, although Homer Laughlin himself had a few other pottery companies dating back to 1871. One of the company's more successful patterns was Fiesta which the company began producing in 1936, discontinued in 1973 and then reintroduced in 1986 with a greater variety of colors. During the 1970s Homer Laughlin dinnerware was a common promotional item in local supermarkets. In 2010 the company merged with Hall China Company.

Homer Laughlin China Fiesta Turquoise Dinner Plate


Hyalyn Porcelain began in Hickory, North Carolina in 1947. The pottery is known for its modernistic lines. Often the pieces are combined with other mediums such as rattan and wood.

Hyalyn Casual Craft Sugar Bowl with LId

Indiana/Colony Glass Company

The Indiana Glass Company began as part of the Ohio Flint Glass Company which was later sold to the National Glass Company. They officially became Indiana Glass Company in 1907. They produced a wide variety of glass items in a wide array of colors. The Indiana Carnival (Iridescent) is probably the most popular. In 1957 Lancaster Colony purchased the company. Lancaster Colony closed the factory in 2002. I have many pieces/colors of the Indiana Thumbprint line as well as other patterns.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Carnival Marigold Princess Punch Bowl

Iroquois China Company

The Iroquois China Company was started in Syracuse, NY in 1905. The company continued in business until 1969. Most collectable are the "Casual China" designed by Russel Wright and the "Impromptu" and "Informal" lines designed by Ben Seibel. I have pieces from three of the Iroquois patterns.

Iroquois China Company Harvest Time Dinner Plate

JKW (Josef Kuba Werkstatte)

Josef Kuba opend his first porcelain factory in 1930 in the Czech Republic. After World War II, he relocated to Wiesau, West Germany.

JKW (Josef Kuba Werkstatte) JKW Unknown Plate


I don't have any information on this manufacturer.

Japan Blue Willow Pepper Shaker

Jepcor International

Jepcor International is a Korean based dinnerware manufacturer.

Jepcor International Whipped Cream Dinner Plate

Johann Haviland

While the Haviland name in porcelain is closely associated with Limoges, France, the Johann Haviland Company began in Bavaria in 1907, specifically Waldershof, Germany. The company was sold in 1924.

Johann Haviland Blue Garland Salad Plate

John B. Taylor

The John B. Taylor name is synonymous with Louisville Stoneware which was owned by John from 1938 to 1970. The company was founded in Louisville, KY in 1815 and is one the few U.S. pottery companies that has survived for so long. Their dinnerware is hand made and hand painted so be aware that there will be variations in the colors and quality of the patterns. The pieces are very heavy.

John B. Taylor Harvest Dinner Plate

Johnson Brothers

Johnson Brothers China, founded by Alfred, Frederick and Henry Johnson, began in the late 1800s in Hanley, Stoke on the Trent, England. The company flourished and eventually had five manufacturing facilities. It became a division of Waterford Wedgwood of Josiah Wedgwood & Ltd in 1968. The company currently produces Franciscan China (made in China). Wedgwood became part of WWRD Holdings in 2009. Please note that Johnson Brothers Franciscan patterns are listed under Franciscan (England).

Johnson Brothers Melody Bread & Butter Plate

Josef Kuba

Josef Kuba founded his company in 1930 in the Czech Republic city of Karlsbad. After World War II, he moved the business to Wiesau in West Germany. Josef died in 1972 and his sone Horst continued the business until 1989.

Josef Kuba Unknown Josef Kuba Dinner Plate


Kaysons is a Japanese porcelain company.

Kaysons Golden Rhapsody Cup

Krister-Porzellan Manufaktur

Krister-Porzellan Manufaktur was a German company established in 1831 and that lasted until 1952 when it became Fabryka Porcellany Krzysztof. Many of its pieces are marked "KPM". Those initials, unfortunately, were used by several other German manufacturers so there is a lot of confusion in identifying pieces.

Krister-Porzellan Manufaktur Unknown Krister-Porzellan Manufaktur Plate


Lamberton Works began in 1869 in Trenton, New Jersey. The company was sold several times and eventually the name died out in the 1990s.

Lamberton Natalie Soup Bowl

Lane and Company/Sunkist Creations of California

Lane and Company/Sunkist Creations of California was located in Van Nuys. They produced lamps, vases and various serving items. These items were most popular in the 1950s. Their pieces are sentimental favorites.

Lane and Company/Sunkist Creations of California Miscellaneous Pottery Longhorn Barbeque Tray and Cup Set

Laurel Potteries of California

Laurel Potteries began around 1940 and was one of the first of the great California potteries to go out of business. That was in the 1960s. They had offices in San Francisco and Stockton, California. The company was known for its speckeled patterns such as California Living, Holiday and Seaside. The dinnerware reached its popularity in the 1950s. The look of the dinnerware is somewhat similar to that of Bauer.

Lenox China Company

Lenox, Inc., located in Trenton, New Jersey, has been in business since 1894 and is still going strong. I came across a piece that was labelled "Made In China". I went to the Lenox web site to investigate and there was no indication that any items were made in a country other than the United States. I made an inquiry and was advised by a company representative that their "fine dinnerware is still manufactured in the United States" but their "collectibles and giftware are manufactured in many of the Lenox owned and operated factories throughout the world."

Lenox China Company Special Dinner Plate

Limoges Castel

Limoges Castel was a short-lived manufacturer from about 1944 to sometime around the late 1970s. The majority of their pieces were not hand painted but used transfers.

Louisville Stoneware

The Louisville Stoneware Company was founded in 1971 when John B. Taylor's building, molds etc. were purchased by John and Vivian Robertson.

Louisville Stoneware Country Flower Blue Soup Mug

M. A. Hadley

M. A. Hadley Pottery (aka Hadley Pottery) was established by Mary Alice Hadley in Louisville, Kentucky in 1940. This rustic, clay-based pottery is hand-painted and very heavy.

M. A. Hadley Pear and Grape Pink Dinner Plate


Marcrest is the name given to dinnerware that was manufactured for the Marshall Burns Company in Chicago, Illinois. Many different companies produced the dinnerware, among those is Western Stoneware Company. I believe that Stetson may have also produced for Marcrest since Stetson has the same pattern as the Marcrest Pink N' Charcoal .

Marcrest Terrace Dinner Plate


I don't know anything about Maxam other than they are an Italian dinnerware manufacturer.

Maxam Mediterranean Dinner Plate


I carry a few items from the Nelson McCoy Pottery company of Roseville, Ohio. This firm began in 1910 and continued until 1986. The company is well-known for its cookie jars and vases which are highly collectable. I just found some hard-to-find Canyon dinnerware pieces.


The Metlox Pottery Company began in 1927 in Manhattan Beach, California and grew to become one of California's premier pottery companies. There were two divisions within Metlox, the Poppytrail Division and the Vernonware Division (due to Metlox's purchase of Vernon Kilns in 1942). I carry over 70 patterns/color variations of Metlox. The Vernonware Division is listed separately (another sixty-five patterns). Metlox closed in 1989.

Metlox Homestead Provincial Bread and Butter Plate

Midwinter Stonehenge/Stoneware

W. R. Midwinter Ltd was under the leadership of Roy Midwinter during the 1950s and early 60s. In 1968 the firm merged with J & G Meakin Ltd. Then in 1970 Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd acquired both companies but kept the individual company names. The Stonehenge line was designed by Roy Midwinter with patterns designed by Eve Midwinter and Jessie Tait. The Midwinter Stonehenge dinnerware has an earthy, rustic look to it. I currently have pieces from twenty-five of the Stonehenge patterns. Many of the patterns have the same background as the Creation pattern so Creation pieces are often used to augment other patterns or mellow out the business of a table setting.

Midwinter Stonehenge/Stoneware Wild Oats Dinner Plate


Mikasa, Inc. was found in 1948 by George Aratani. The company originated in California but as a division of Lifetime Btrands, its headquarters are now located in Garden City, New York. They are a dinner and glassware importer and distributor.

Mikasa Perfect Pair Dinner Plate


Minton China, named for its founder, Thomas Minton, was established in or around 1793 in Stoke-on-the-Trent, England. The company still produces some of the finest English China.

Minton Champagne Bread and Butter Plate

Miramar Pottery

The Miramar Pottery Company was located in Los Angeles, California. They began operations in 1952 and ceased to exist some time in the late 1970s.

Miramar Pottery Unknown Miramar Caserole with Lid

Monterey Art Pottery Company

The Monterey Art Pottery Company is yet another California Pottery manufacturer. The company was founded around 1948 and is no longer in business. It is rumored that the pottery was actually produced by either Metlox or Vernonware. The jury is still out.

Monterey Art Pottery Company Unknown Monterey Art Pottery Pink Cup and Saucer Set

Muncie Potteries

Muncie Clay Products Company/LMuncie Potteries, Inc. was located in Muncie, Indiana and was in business from 1919 to 1939.


Myott/Myott Meakin is another dinnerware manufacturer located in the Staffordshire area of England.

Myott Indian Tree Salad Plate

Neiman Marcus

Just in case you've been out of touch, Neiman Marcus is one of the leading high-end retail stores. It was established in 1907 and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Neiman Marcus General Dinnerware Bread and Butter Plate


Nikko is a Japanese dinnerware manufacturing Company.

Nikko Christmastime 3- Tiered Server

Noritake China

Noritake is probably the most well-known of the the Japanese china companies. The company was founded by Baron Ichizaemon Morimura and was named after the village where the factory was built, Noritake, Japan. While I can't begin to carry all of the patterns but I do have various pieces from fifty-one of their patterns.

Noritake China Up-Sa Daisy Gravy Boat


Oneida can trace its roots back to 1848 when John Humphrey Noyes found the Oneida Community located in upstate New York. The company earned its reputation for making fine silverware. In 1881, Oneida Community, Ltd was established. In the 1970s the company began to concentrate on stainless steel flatware and around 1983 it further diversified into dinnerware with the purchase of Buffalo China. It currently has facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Oneida Eden Dinner Plate

Onodaga Pottery Company

Onodaga Pottery Company was established in 1871 and was located in Geddes, New York. The company later became what we now know as Syracuse China.

Onodaga Pottery Company Unknown Onodaga Individual Teapot

Orchard Ware/Hollywood Ware

Orchard Ware and Hollywood Ware are lines of pottery produced by the California Ceramics Co., Calabasas, Calif. Some patterns look very much like the hand-painted dinnerware produced by Franciscan. The surface of the ware is raised and there is that same polished-glaze look to it.

Orchard Ware/Hollywood Ware Dogwood Orchard Grey Dogwood Dinner Plate


I don't know details about this manufacturer.

Osborne Unknown Osborne Cream and Sugar Set

Oscar & Edgar Gutherz aka Royal Austria Factory

The Gutherz brothers, Oscar and Edgar officially began the business in 1898 although Oscar had been a partner with Maximilian Marx since 1884 but Edgar bought out Marx. The company produced decorated porcelain as well as blanks that could be decorated by the purchasers. The company merged with Osterreichische Porzellan-Industries AG in 1918.

Oscar & Edgar Gutherz aka Royal Austria Factory Unknown Oscar & Edgar Guntherz Soup Bowl

Pacific Clay Products Company

Pacific clay Products Company was established in 1881 and located in Los Angeles, California. The facility closed some time in the late 1940s.

Pacific Clay Products Company Miscellaneous Pottery Bowl

Paden City Pottery

Paden City Pottery began in 1914 in Paden City, West Virginia. The company specialized in dinnerware. Unfortunately, it didn't last as long as so many of the other American pottery companies, closing up in 1963.

Paden City Pottery Minion Fruit Bowl


Padre Pottery was located in the Los Angeles area of California in the late 1940s/early 1950s.

Padre Padre Unknown Chop Plate


The Pfaltzgraff Pottery Company is located in York Pennsyvania. It has been in operation since 1811. The company was acquired by Lifetime Brands in July of 2005. I have pieces from their Village and Yorktown patterns.

Pfaltzgraff  Yorktowne Tea Pot

Pope Gosser

Pope Gosser China Company was established in 1902 and was located in Coshocton, Ohio. Production of their fine china ceased in 1958. I haven't come across too many of their patterns (I have three).


Pyrex is a division of the Corning Company which produces a heat-resistant, tempered glassware. Many of the Pyrex designs complement the Corning bakeware and Corelle dinnerware patterns.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne Is a producer of fine bone china and is located in England. It is a part of Ridgway Potteries LTD.

Queen Anne #Q94R Cup and Saucer Set


Queens china was actually produced by Churchill of England.

Queens Hooker's Fruit Apricot Cup

Red Wing

Red Wing Pottery got its name from its location, Red Wing, Minnesota. Founded in 1861, the company began producing dinnerware in 1935 and continued until closing in 1967. Bob White is probably their most recognizable pattern and has some very unusual and charming shapes.

Red Wing  Bob White Serving Platter

Retsch & Company

Retsch & Company is located in Wunsiedel, Bavaria, Germany. Depending on who you believe, the company was established in either 1854, 1884 or 1885 and is still in business.

GDA (Chas Haviland) GDA Unknown Plate

Rosenthal Continental

Rosenthal Continental is a German china company located in the Selb-Bavaria region.

Rosenthal Continental King Edward Cup and Saucer Set


Roseville was a famous American pottery company located in Roseville, Ohio. The company was founded in 1890. Poduction ceased in 1954.

Roseville Raymor Gray Matte Dinner Plate

Royal Albert

England is known for its fine bone china and one of its best producers is Royal Albert. The company was founded about 1894 and is still producing fine china today as part of Fiskar.

Royal Albert Lavender Rose Sugar Bowl & Lid

Royal China

The Royal China Company was founded in 1934 in Sebring, Ohio. Over the years ownership changed several times. It was once owned by the Jeannette Corporation. The company went bankrupt in 1986. The Royal China/Jeanette Country Harvest/All American Pie plates continue to be very popular.

Royal China Country Charm Dinner Plate

Royal Crown Derby

Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company is located in Derby, England. It was founded in 1750 and is still in business today.

Royal Crown Derby Derby Posies Pepper Shaker

Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton is an English china company which began as "Doulton and Company" (founded in 1853). The company has been acquired by Fiskar which also owns Wedgwood and Royal Albert. I carry pieces from thirty-one of their patterns.

Royal Doulton The Kirkwood Bread & Butter Plate

Royal Grafton

Royal Grafton was a pottery company in Stafforshire, England.

Royal Grafton Chelsea Gardens Cup

Royal Jackson (Vogue Ceramic Industries)

Despite its "Royal" name, Royal Jackson (aka Vogue Ceramic Industries) began in 1917 in Falls Creek, PA.

Royal Jackson (Vogue Ceramic Industries) Autumn Bread and Butter Plate

Royal Patrician

Royal Patrician is an English firm that, like Royal Windsor and Royal Albert, produces "fine English teaware". However, that being said, they are a division of Herman Dodge & Sons, Inc. which sells their Crown Collection which is made in Staffordshire, England and a Dynasty Collection which is produced somewhere in Asia.

Royal Patrician Unknown Royal Patrician Cup and Saucer Set

Royal Stafford

Royal Stafford is a fairly new company that was formed from two other English potteries, Royal Stafford China and Barratts of Staffs.

Royal Stafford Bordeaux Dinner Plate

Royal Windsor

I believe Royal Windsor is one of the china manufacturers from the Stafforshire region of England. I haven't been successful in finding out much about the company.

Royal Windsor  Royal Windsor Unknown Cup and Saucer Set 2296/12

Royal Worcester

The Royal Worcester Royal Porcelain Company of England was founded in 1754. The company was noted for its fine porcelain and bone china. I carry a faily extensive assortment of their egg coddlers and a few pieces from the Evesham, Strawberry Fair, Belvoir, Lavinia and Woodbury patterns. Royal Worcester closed June 16, 2009, a big disappointment for egg coddler enthusiasts. Portmeirion Group acquired the brand name and intellectual property and still produces pieces under that brand.

Royal Worcester Egg Coddlers Louise Single Egg Coddler


The Salem China Company was named after it birthplace, Salem, Ohio. The company was founded around 1898. It has produced dinnerware under its own name as well as the Sears and Roebuck Harmony House label.

Salem Yellow Hibiscus Bread and Butter Plate


Salisbury Crown China Company was an Enlish manufacturer of china formed in 1927 and located at Longton.

Salisbury #1920 Cup and Saucer Set

Sambos Restaurant

The Sambos Restaurant chain began in Santa Barbara, California in 1957. It suffered a major decline in the 1970s and as far as I know, only the original restaurant is still in operation.

Sambos Restaurant Coffee Mugs Mug

Sampson Smith

Sampson Smith (named after its founder) was an English produce of earthenware and china. The company was in business from about 1846 to 1963. The backstamps included various names such as: Sampson Smith, Wetley and Old Royal China.

Sampson Smith #2411 Cup and Saucer Set

Sango China

Sango made hundreds of patterns but we gravitate towards the exotic. So far I know they produce dinnerware in Japan and Korea. I gravitate towards their more exotic patterns and have pieces of Black Lilies, Zuni, Kenya and Anastasia.

Sango China Quadrille Black Lilies Dinner Plate

Santa Anita

Santa Anita Pottery began around 1939 in Los Angeles, California and ceased operations sometime in the late 1950s/early 1960s. I have pieces from eight of their patterns. For some reason, this manufacturer is harder to find.

Scio Pottery

The Scio Pottery Company was aptly named after its hometown of Scio, Ohio. It began operations in 1932 and ceased manufacturing in 1985. Very few items have any backstamps other than USA. For that reason, I don't carry many patterns.

Scio Pottery Blue Willow Serving Platter


Seltmann is a Bavarian porcelain company founded in 1910 by Christian Seltmann originally located in Weiden, Germany.

Seltmann Seltmann Unknown Plate

Seymmour Mann

Named after its founder, Seymour Mann was a import company that originally specialized in giftware and home accessories. It was founded in l946. Later he, with his wife, Eda began offering dolls, many of which his wife designed.

Seymmour Mann Asparagus? Handled Tray


Sheffield Pottery began in 1946 in Sheffield, Ma. The company produced pottery until 1982 when it then changed directions and became a ceramics supply company rather than a producer.

Sheffield Provincial Dinner Plate

Shenango China Company

Shenango China Company was stared in New Castle, Pennsylvania on or about 1902. It was soon renamed Shenango Pottery Company. It's ownership has transferred numerous times. Castleton China was also produced by Shenango.

Shenango China Company U.S. Navy Cup


From what I could gather, Signals is a company that offers a wide variety of items from various manufacturers, offering everything from housewares to books and decorative items.

Signals Baileyi's Irish Cream Wares Blue Bow Cream and Sugar Set


Spode is one of the better known, high-quality china producers of England. The company has roots going back to the 1700s when Josiah Spode began developing his fine bone china. I have pieces from eleven of their patterns. Most of the pieces I have were produced in England. Like so many other manufacturers, Spode is now producing dinnerware made in China and, in my opinion, the quality is just not the same.

Spode Milkwood Salad Plate


Staffordshire is an English manufacturer of dinnerware.

Staffordshire Liberty Blue Serving Platter


Stangl Pottery was begun by J. Martin Stangl around 1930 when he bought the Fulper Pottery Company in New Jersey. However, the company name did not change until 1955 when it actually became Stangl Pottery. Stangl Pottery was purchased by Pfaltzgraff in 1978 and the Stangl lines ceased.

Sterling China

Sterling China began in Sebring,Ohio in 1917. The company produced china for hotels, the military, restaurants, etc.

Sterling China Woodrose Salad Plate

Stetson China Company

The Stetson China Company was in 1946 in Lincoln Illinois and continued until 1966. Their hand-painted dinnerware is very similar to that of Blue Ridge and is often confused with it. Neither company marked all of their pieces.

Steubenville Pottery Company

The Steubenville Pottery Company was founded in 1879 and named after its location, Steubenville, Ohio. When the company closed in 1959, all its molds were bought by Canonsburg Pottery. Older pieces are the most collectible.

Steubenville Pottery Company Woodfield Snack Plate

Stouffer China

I no nothing about this company other than they made beautiful and unique china.

Stouffer China Stouffer Unknown Salad Plate

Syracuse China Company

What began as Empire Pottery, transitioned to Onodaga Pottery Company and then to Syracuse China Company. The company has been in business since 1841. It was one of the largest producers of commercial (hotel and restaurant) dinnerware. The company closed in 2009.


TAG (short for Trade Associates Group) was founded by Norman Glassberg in 1975. The company manufactures and implorts a wide variety of home accessories.

TAG Party Ice Cream Salt and Pepper Set

Taste Seller Sigma

Taste Seller Sigma is not a manufacturer but an importer/distributor of various ceramic/porcelain.

Taste Seller Sigma Unknown Taste Seller Floral Double Egg Coddler

Taylor, Smith & Taylor

The Taylor, Smith and Taylor Company began in Chester, West Virginia around 1900. The mark of Taylor, Smith and Taylor was discontinued in 1973 when Anchor Hocking bought out the company. I only carry a few of the T,S&T patterns.

Taylor, Smith & Taylor Boutonniere Bread and Butter Plate

Technical Porcelain and Chinaware Company (TEPCO)

TEPCO was located in El Cerrito, California and was in business from 1922 until the mid l970s. They specialized in hotel and restaurant dinnerware. TEPCO pottery is very popular today, especially the patterned pieces. The dinnerware is very durable.

Technical Porcelain and Chinaware Company (TEPCO) Restaurant Ware Cup and Saucer Set

The Rocky Mountain Pottery Company

The Rocky Mountain Pottery Company was founded in Loveland Colorando in 1952. It produces various decorative items of pottery which mostly feature pinecone or wheat motifs.

The Rocky Mountain Pottery Company Unknown Rocky Mountain Pottery Vase

Theodore Haviland

A member of the renowned Haviland family, Theodore Haviland began his production in Limoges, France. Sometime around 1942 a factory was opened in Pennslyvania, USA.

Theodore Haviland Gramercy Dinner Plate


Not only is Tirschenreuth the name of a district in Germany but evidently there is, or was, a porcelain manufacturing company by the same name. I have not had the time to research much about the company as yet.

Tirschenreuth Tirschenreuth Unknown Demitasse Cup

Treasure Craft or Pottery Craft

Treasure Craft of California (also known as Pottery Craft) is located in Compton, California. They produce a variety of items including cookie jars, ashtrays and souvenir pieces. They produced a chip and dip similar to Whittier's and Metlox's only Treasure Craft made it in brown as well as white. For a time, there was a plant located in Maui, Hawaii. We recently learned that the company will no longer be manufacturing pottery.

Treasure Craft or Pottery Craft Sombrero Chip and Dip Sombrero Chip and Dip Plate

Universal Potteries, Inc.

Universal Potteries, Inc. was located in Cambridge, Ohio. They began in 1934 and terminated production in 1976.

Universal Potteries, Inc. Rosette Refrigerator Set

Unknown Dinnerware

Try as I might, I cannot always identify some manufacturers or patterns. Such is the case with those listed here. I welcome any help in identification.

Veritable Porcelaine D-Art

Veritable Porcelaine D-Art is a Limoges, France manufacturer.

Veritable Porcelaine D-Art Veritable Porcelaine D-Art Unknown Salad Plate


Vernonware began with Poxon China in 1916, located in Vernon, California. Later, in 1928, it became Vernon Potteries or Vernon Kilns. The company was bought out by Metlox in 1958 and became a division of Metlox. I have pieces from 65 different patterns including some of the hard-to-find patterns such as Winchester 73 and the souveneir specialty plates of various landmarks, California missions, cities and states.

Vernonware Sherwood Dinner Plate

Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch is a German company that can trace its beginnings back to 1748 when Francois Boch first began producing dinnerware.

Villeroy & Boch Troubadour Mini Creamer

W. H. Grindley

W. H. Grindley is an English china producer from the Staffordshire area. The company was founded sometime in the late 1800s and continued in business until 1991.

W. H. Grindley Sunday Morning Serving Platter

W. M. Fraser

I don't know anything about this manufacturer. There is a commpany, William F. Fraser that makes dinnerware but I doubt it is the same.

W. M. Fraser Egg Coddler Chicken Coop Double Egg Coddler

W. S. George

W. S. (William Shaw) George Pottery Company had at least three different locations: Canonsburg, PA, Kittanning, PA and East Palestine, OH. The company began in the early 1900s and continued until some time around the late 1950s.

W. S. George Georgette Luncheon Plate

Wallace China Company

The Wallace China Company was located in Vernon, California from 1931 to 1964. They specialized in hotel and restaurant china and were eventually bought out by Shenango China Company.

Watt Pottery

Watt Pottery was a family owned company that began in Perry County, Ohio and moved to Crooksville, Ohio in 1922. The earlier decorated pieces have a "folk Art" look to them and were hand painted. The company was in business until 1965.

Wedgwood China

Wedgwood is an English firm dating back to the 1800s. I have a pieces from over twenty of their patterns. Items from the Midwinter Stonehenge lines are listed separately. Wedgwood became part of WWRD Holdings in 2009.

Weil Ware/California Figurine Company

California Figurine Company aka Weil Ware was founded by Max Weil some time in the 1930s. The company was located in Los Angeles, California and existed until the mid 1950s.

Western Stoneware Company

The Western Stoneware Company of Monmouth, Illinois, was born of a merger of seven smaller pottery companies. The Illinois clay that was used in production proved to be conventional and radar oven heat-resistant making it ideal for use in ovens.

Western Stoneware Company Western Stoneware Unknown Chop Plate

William Guerin of Limoges

William Guerin started his porcelain factory in France in 1872. In 1921 the factory was bought out by Bawo & Dotter Ltd. and became Guerin Pouyat Elite. The factory was closed in 1932.

William Guerin of Limoges Unknown William Guerin Dinner Plate

Winfield Pottery/China Company

Winfield Pottery was founded in 1929 and continued in production until 1962. The company began in Pasadena, California but moved to Santa Monica in 1946. After 1946, Winfield sold some of their rights to the American Ceramics Company so they began to mark their pottery with the name "Gabriel". Gabriel pieces are harder to find and identify but some of their patterns are identical to Winfield's. I carry pieces from eleven known patterns and several unidentified patterns.

Winfield Pottery/China Company Dragon Flower Bread and Butter Plate

Wood & Sons

Wood & Sons is an English firm that has roots back to 1865 although the firm name wasn't fully established in 1910.

Wood & Sons Wood & Sons Pattern 2349 Covered Vegetable Dish

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