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Bernardaud & Co. Limoges Cider Pitcher Cider Pitcher

Bernardaud & Co. Limoges - Dinnerware

Limoges, France is a region known for its fine porcelain companies. Bernardaud & Co. is just one of those manufacturers. So far I have only come across this lovely cider pitcher.

Cider Pitcher

One of the more popular pieces of Limoges porcelain is the cider pitcher. There are basically two sizes, 5 1/2 " and 6 1/2".

Bernardaud & Co. Limoges Cider Pitcher Cider Pitcher

Unknown Bernardaud

Bernardaud and Co. has produced so many patterns over the years, I haven't been able to identify many of them.

Bernardaud & Co. Limoges Unknown Bernardaud Bouillion Soup Bowl with Saucer

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