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Fitz and Floyd Golden Heron Mug

Fitz and Floyd - Dinnerware

Like Lefton and other companies, Fitz and Floyd is a distributor of foreign-made dinnerware. The company is located is Dallas, Texas.

Bird of Paradise

This Fitz and Floyd pattern is aptly named as it features a Bird of Paradise on a white background. The pattern was produced from 1981 to 1987. It also can be found with a black or gray background.

Fitz and Floyd Bird of Paradise Salad Plate

Fleur Orientale

Fitz & Floyd Fleur Orientale was produced in Japan. The pattern was produced in at least three different colors: red, green and black.

Fitz and Floyd Fleur Orientale Green Dinner Plate

Golden Heron

Fitz and Floyd pattern Golden Heron has a cream-colored background with gold herons and gold trim. This pattern was produced from 1984 to 1986.

Fitz and Floyd Golden Heron Mug


This Fitz and Floyed "Parrot-in-Ring" pattern dates to 1980. It has a white backgound with a colorful parrot perched in a green ring.

Fitz and Floyd Parrot-in-Ring Salad Plate

Pastel Colonade

Fitz & Floyd's Pastel Colonade has pink, blue and green stripes on a blue/grey background with gold trim.

Fitz and Floyd Pastel Colonade Cup


Fitz and Floyd Renaissance pattern came in a wide variety of colors.

Fitz and Floyd Renaissance Black Rimmed Salad Plate


Fitz and Floyd Rondelet came in a variety of colors on white. Each has a white background with a wide colored rim and a narrow colored inner rim.

Fitz and Floyd Rondelet  Rondelet Peach Salad Plate


Fitz and Floyd Variations pattern consists of a wide variety of subject matter. The dinnerware depicts various flora and fauna and a few other oddities.

Fitz and Floyd Variations Variations Pelican

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