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Fukagawa Silver Lichen Dinner Plate

Fukagawa - Dinnerware

Fukagawa is a Japanese dinnerware company located in the port city of Arita. The company was founded in 1894 by Chuji Fukagawa.

Fukagawa #2160

Fukagawa #2160 Arita dinnerware was probably produced in the 1970s. I'm saying that because the design (not the shape) is identical to Fukagawa Silver Lichen which I originally purchased in 1972.

Fukagawa Fukagawa #2160 Dinner Plate

Fukagawa Unknown

This Fukagawa Arita pattern has a white background with gold trim. The design is that of grey and green bamboo with gold stems.

Fukagawa Fukagawa Unknown Sugar Bowl and Lid

Full Crop #931

Fukigawa Full Crop is a simple design with single stalks of silver wheat on a white background with silver trim.

Fukagawa Full Crop #931 Cup

Landscape #903

Fukagawa Landscape #903 is an Arita pattern of oriental black mountains and pagodas on a white background with gold trim.

Fukagawa Landscape #903 Cup

Pine Cone (Fukagawa #904)

Fukagawa Pattern Pine Cone (#904) features a white background with a spray of pine cones with gold trim.

Fukagawa Pine Cone (Fukagawa #904) Serving Platter

Silver Lichen

Fukagawa's Arita Silver Lichen pattern is a white porcelain with a platinum rim in a leaf design. It dates to the early 1970s.

Fukagawa Silver Lichen Dinner Plate

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