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Red Wing  Bob White Serving Platter

Red Wing - Dinnerware

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Red Wing Pottery got its name from its location, Red Wing, Minnesota. Founded in 1861, the company began producing dinnerware in 1935 and continued until closing in 1967. Bob White is probably their most recognizable pattern and has some very unusual and charming shapes.

Beige Fleck

Red Wing Beige Fleck has a tan background with brown flecks in it similar to Laurel and Bauer pieces. So far I have only come across a chip and dip and a meat server in this pattern.

Red Wing  Beige Fleck Meat Server

Blue Shadows

Red Wing Pottery's Blue Shadows is one of the Duo-Tone patterns from 1962. It looks much like the Damask pattern only in blue. The flowers are a darker torquoise-blue on a lighter blue background.

Red Wing  Blue Shadows Dinner Plate

Bob White

The Bob White pattern by Red Wing Pottery started in 1956 or 1955, depending on who you believe. It has a speckled tannish background with torquoise and brown birds.

Red Wing  Bob White Serving Platter


Red Wing Pottery's Brittany is one of the earlier patterns, dating from 1941. It has a white background with bright yellow and blue flowers.

Red Wing  Brittany Bread and Butter Plate


Red Wing Capistrano has a white background with a stylized swallow with fruits and foliage. The pottery is textured with a burlap-like pattern. It is from Red Wing's Anniversary line of 1953.

Red Wing  Capistrano Dinner Plate


Red Wing Pottery's Damask pattern is known as a "Duo-Tone". It dates back to 1962 making it one of the later patterns.

Red Wing  Damask Saucer

Lute Song

With a speckled tan background, Red Wing's Lute Song pattern offers a display of musical instruments with oriental writing. The pattern was produced from 1958 to 1959.

Red Wing  Lute Song Cereal Bowl


Red Wing's Merrileaf pattern dates back to 1960 and is one of the "True China" patterns. It is a pattern of blue and green leaves on an off-white background.

Red Wing  Merrileaf Cup and Saucer Set


Red wing Pepe was produced for only one year - from 1962 to 1963. It has a beige speckled background with green trim and red and orange cylindrical shapes.

Red Wing  Pepe Dinner Plate

Provinical Oomph

The Red Wing Provincial Oomph pattern is a dark brown with an almost aqua green color. It is very heavy and was introduced in 1943.

Red Wing  Provinical Oomph Oval Casserole without Lid

Random Harvest

Random Harvest by Red Wing Pottery has a speckled tan background with sprays of pink and blue flowers, grains and brown leaves. The pattern was produced in 1955.

Red Wing  Random Harvest Serving Platter


Red Wing Tampico, done in the Futura shape, dates to 1955. It has a tan background with various melons, a wine bottle and brown leaves.

Red Wing  Tampico Cereal Bowl

Tip Toe

The Red Wing Pottery's Tip Toe pattern obviously got its name based on the tulip design circling its border. The tulips are done in yellow and brown. The pattern dates to 1955.

Red Wing  Tip Toe Dinner Plate

Turtle Dove

Turtle Dove by Red Wing Pottery has a tan background and displays two brown and yellow turtle doves perched above a brown and yellow floral display. The pattern was introduced in 1962. We recently discovered that a variation was also produced that has more orange color than the yellow. The difference is most noticeable in the dinner plates.

Red Wing  Turtle Dove Dinner Plate (Yellow)

Two Step

Red Wing Stwo Step was produced from 1959 to 1960. The colors are beige, brown and turquoise.

Red Wing  Two Step Water Cooler Stand

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