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Johnson Brothers Melody Bread & Butter Plate

Johnson Brothers - Dinnerware

Johnson Brothers China, founded by Alfred, Frederick and Henry Johnson, began in the late 1800s in Hanley, Stoke on the Trent, England. The company flourished and eventually had five manufacturing facilities. It became a division of Waterford Wedgwood of Josiah Wedgwood & Ltd in 1968. The company currently produces Franciscan China (made in China). Wedgwood became part of WWRD Holdings in 2009. Please note that Johnson Brothers Franciscan patterns are listed under Franciscan (England).

Apple Blossom

Johnson Brothers produced several versions of Apple Blossom.

Johnson Brothers Apple Blossom Serving Platter


Johnson Brothers ironstone pattern, Athena, was produced from 1955 to 1999.

Johnson Brothers Athena Mini Butter Dish and Lid

Blue Nordic

Johnson Brothers Blue Nordic has the traditional blue onion pattern. It was produced from 1979 to 1996.

Johnson Brothers Blue Nordic Dinner Plate

Desert Sand

Johnson Brothers Desert Sand has an off-white background with dark brown specks. It was produced from 1979 to 1982.

Johnson Brothers Desert Sand Dinner Plate

Friendly Village

The original Johnson Brothers Friendly Village had a 50 year run from 1953 to 2003. The dinnerware featured various wintery village scenes. The pattern was reintroduced with a different backstamp in 2004 and is still in production.

Johnson Brothers Friendly Village Cup

Game Birds

Johnson Brothers Game Bird series features various wild birds on a white background.

Johnson Brothers Game Birds Partridge Mug

Golden Apple

Johnson Brothers Golden Apple has a cream background with, what else, golden apples and golden leaves.

Johnson Brothers Golden Apple Dinner Plate


Johnson Brothers Greendawn is a solid green scalloped pattern.

Johnson Brothers Greendawn Dinner Plate


Johnson Brothers Greydawn is deceivingly titled. This pattern came in a pretty sky blue. The pattern was produced from 1925 to around 1987.

Haddon Hall

Johnson Brothers produced Haddon Hall in several colors. The pattern is a somewhat medevil looking village with a horse drawn carriage.

Johnson Brothers Haddon Hall Bread and Butter Pklate


Johnson Brothers Hampshire was a floral pattern in their Windsor Waare Line.

Johnson Brothers Hampshire Serving Platter


The "Made in England" pieces of Johnson Brother Heritage pattern were produced from 1974 to 2003. After that the pieces were produced in China. It is a pure white octogon shape with a textured border.

Johnson Brothers Heritage Dinner Plate

Heritage Hall

Johnson Brothers produced Heritage Hall from 1969 to 1985. Each piece offers a different colonial building. The background is cream and the scene is multi-colored.

Johnson Brothers Heritage Hall Dinner Plate

His Majesty

Johson Brothers originally produced the His Majesty pattern from 1955 to 1983 using "genuine hand engraving". In 2004 they re-introduced the pattern stating it was "from an original engraving". The dinnerware is multi-colored and prodominently features a turkey.

Johnson Brothers His Majesty Soup  Bowl

Indian Tree

Johnson Brothers' Indian Tree was produced with varied colored trims and backgrounds.

Johnson Brothers Indian Tree Bread & Butter Plate


Johnson Brother Indies was produced in a variety of color combinations. The blue and white patatern that I have was produced from 1974 to 2009.

Johnson Brothers Indies Dessert/Pie Plate


Johnson Brothers Indies is a floral pattern on a white background. There were several color versions. The Blue was introduced in 1974.

Johnson Brothers Indies Dinner Plate


Johnson Brothers Malvern has an off-white background with red leaves and fruit (I think they look like crab apples but that's just my personal opinion).

Johnson Brothers Malvern Rimmed Soup Bowl

Margaret Rose

Johnson Brothers produced Margaret Rose for a number of years - from 1939 to 1965. It came in several versions (multi-colored, pink and green).

Johnson Brothers Margaret Rose Serving Platter


Johnson Brothers Melody pattern has a white background with petite blue and pink flowers with green leaves. The pattern was produced from 1984 to 1991.

Johnson Brothers Melody Salad Plate

Old English

Johnson Brothers had several patterns with the "Old English" name. This one has a cream background with a scalloped edge and gold filigree.

Johnson Brothers Old English Dinner Plate

Olde English Countryside

Johnson Brothers Olde English Countryside is self-descriptive. These pieces have multi-colored scenes of the English countryside. The edges are somewhat scalloped. The background is white.

Johnson Brothers Olde English Countryside Cereal Bowl

Oriental Garden

Johnson Brothers Oriental Garden has a cream background with a reddish-brown floral pattern. It was designed by Laura Ashley and produced from 1979 to 1980.

Johnson Brothers Oriental Garden Dinner Plate

Peach Bloom

Johnson Brothers Peach Bloom is very similar to some of the Franciscan hand-painted dinnerware. It has a cream background with brown trim and yellow peaches with dark pink blossoms.

Johnson Brothers Peach Bloom Bread and Butter Plate

Pot Pourri

Johnson Brothers Pot Pourri pattern has a white background but also large yellow and orange flowers.

Johnson Brothers Pot Pourri Salad Plate

Rose Chintz

Johnson Brothers produced Rose Chintz in England from 1930 to 2003. After that, I believe the pattern was produced in China.

Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz Dinner Plate


Johnson Brothers Sheraton is a multi-colored floral pattern with a scalloped edge on a cream-colored backgound. It was produced from 1944 to 1982.

Johnson Brothers Sheraton Square Salad Plate

Staffordshire Bouquet

Johnson Brothers produced several similar "Bouquet" patterns. Staffordshire Bouquet has more brown overtones in the flowers. The background is white and the edge has a swirl pattern.

Johnson Brothers Staffordshire Bouquet Dinner Plate

Summer Chintz

Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz has a white background, dark pink (rose) trim and a band of pastel flowers with green leave. It was produced in England from 1988 to 2003.

Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz Dinner Plate

The Old Mill

Johnson Brothers produced several variations of The Old Mill, blue, pink, green, brown, purple and multi-colored. It was produced from 1952 to 1977.

Johnson Brothers The Old Mill Charger

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