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Oneida Eden Dinner Plate

Oneida - Dinnerware

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Oneida can trace its roots back to 1848 when John Humphrey Noyes found the Oneida Community located in upstate New York. The company earned its reputation for making fine silverware. In 1881, Oneida Community, Ltd was established. In the 1970s the company began to concentrate on stainless steel flatware and around 1983 it further diversified into dinnerware with the purchase of Buffalo China. It currently has facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Australia.


Oneida produced Eden for a very short period of time, 1998 to 1999. I personally think it is a lovely pattern. It has a white background with a wide rim of green leaves and dark pink flowers.

Oneida Eden Dinner Plate

Russel Wright

Named after the dinnerware pattern designer, Oneida Russel Wright was produced in several colors.

Oneida Russel Wright Oyster Gray Family Stacking Creamer

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