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Brock Chanticleer Cup

Brock - Dinnerware

Southern California Pottery Company, Inc. aka B. J. Brock Company was located in Lawndale, California. Founded n 1947 by Bert Brock, the company closed in the mid 1950s. What I find unique about most of Brock's dinnerware are the unusual shapes of the accessory pieces.

California Farmhouse

Brock's California Farmhouse dinnerware had a definite country theme. It featured scenes from a country farm. The background was white with a yellow border. Greens, yellow and red comprised the other major colors.

Brock California Farmhouse Salad Plate

California Wild Flower

Brock's California Wild Flower has a cream background and came with either a fuzzy grey border or pink border. The delicate flowers are pink.

Brock California Wild Flower Dinner Plate


This most unusual Brock pattern totally took me by surprise. I wish I knew more about it. The shape of the gravy boat is very extreme, especially for a Brock pattern.


Brock's Chanticleer design displays a fanciful rooster. The trim is done in a russet color.

Brock Chanticleer Cup

Country Lane

Brock's Country Lane pattern features farms scenes on a cream-white background with brown trim. The various pieces are uniquely shaped resembling items that would be used on a farm.

Brock Country Lane Brown Creamer

Forever Yours

Brock's Forever Yours pattern has a white background with trees and scrubs and a blue/green border.

Brock Forever Yours Dinner Plate


Brock's Harvest pattern is very similar in coloring to the Metlox Colonial Heritage. I wouldn't be surprise in people intermixed the pieces. It has a cream background and comes with either yellow or brown trim and depicts a country farm scene.

Brock Harvest Brown Soup Bowl

South Pacific

Brock South Pacific has a green background with yellow fruit and darker green leaves.

Brock South Pacific Dinner Plate

Unknown Brock

When I haven't been able to identify a specific pattern, I place the items here until I can identify them.

Brock Unknown Brock Cruet

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