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Stetson China Company - Dinnerware

The Stetson China Company was founded in 1946 in Lincoln, Illinois and was in business until 1966. Their hand-painted dinnerware is very similar to that of Blue Ridge and is often confused with it. Neither company marked all of their pieces. Stetson is also "famous" for developing the Melmac dinnerware so popular in the 1960s. Some of the Stetson patterns are the same as Marcrest so we think there was some kind of connection between the two companies.

Blue Spruce

This same pattern was made by Marcrest butmy dinner plates clearly have the Stetson backstamp.

Stetson China Company Blue Spruce Dinner Plate


The Stetson Dogwood pattern is nearly indistinguishable from the Joni China Company Dogwood pattern, except the Joni pattern has one additional branch and the center of the flower is more of a circle. The flowers are a chartreuse color, the leaves are green and the stems, black.

Stetson China Company Dogwood Bread and Butter Plate

Unknown Stetson

Stetson produced numerous patterns and unfortunately did not identify them on the backside. I have a number of patterns that are unknown to me so I lumped them all here.From what I've been told, the ones with the pink flowers and bamboo were a part of the "Rio" Collection.

Stetson China Company Unknown Stetson Bread and Butter Plate

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