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Taylor, Smith & Taylor Boutonniere Bread and Butter Plate

Taylor, Smith & Taylor - Dinnerware

The Taylor, Smith and Taylor Company began in Chester, West Virginia around 1900. The mark of Taylor, Smith and Taylor was discontinued in 1973 when Anchor Hocking bought out the company. I only carry a few of the T,S&T patterns.


Taylor, Smith and Taylor Boutonniere is a classic. Dating from the early 1960's, it has an off-white background and is adorned with a spray of Bachelor Button Flowers.


Taylor, Smith & Taylor's Granite pattern is so named because it does resemble a piece of granite. The pattern has a colored background with little specks in it.

Taylor, Smith & Taylor Granite Vegetable Bowl

Lazy Daisy

Taylor, Smith and Taylor's Lazy Daisy pattern has a brown underside. The top is an avocado green with white daisies.

Taylor, Smith & Taylor Lazy Daisy Fruit Bowl


Probably the most collectible Taylor, Smith and Taylor pattern is the Luray series. These were solid-colored dinnerware in various pastel colors.

Taylor, Smith & Taylor Luray Blue Jumbo Saucer


Taylor, Smith and Taylor's Marble pattern is from their Pebbleford line. It features a white speckled background with a garland of blue and green squiggles.

Taylor, Smith & Taylor Marble Serving Platter


The Pebbleford pattern by Taylor, Smith and Taylor came is a wide variety of colors, each one a solid color with speckles.

Taylor, Smith & Taylor Pebbleford Turquoise Dinner Plate


Not specializing in Taylor, Smith and Taylor dinnerware, I am not sure if Versatile is a pattern name or the name of a line of dinnerware.

Taylor, Smith & Taylor Versatile Soup Bowl


Taylor, Smith & Taylor's Wheat pattern closely resembles that of Homer Laughlin's Golden Wheat. The main difference is the number of wheat stalks.

Taylor, Smith & Taylor Wheat Fruit Bowl

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