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M. A. Hadley Pear and Grape Pink Dinner Plate

M. A. Hadley - Dinnerware

M. A. Hadley Pottery (aka Hadley Pottery) was established by Mary Alice Hadley in Louisville, Kentucky in 1940. This rustic, clay-based pottery is hand-painted and very heavy.


M. A. Hadley's Bouquet pattern features a basket of blue flowers (to me they look mmore like blue cherries).

Country Scene

M.A. Hadley started producing the Country Scene pattern in 1940. A limited number of pieces are still available on their web site. The pieces have various pictures of farm animals and scenes.

M. A. Hadley Country Scene Horse Luncheon lPlate

Pear and Grape

M. A. Hadley's Pear and Grape pattern has an off-white background. There are three versions, one with green trim and green as the predominant color and one with pink trim with pink and green grapes and pear and one with blue trim and blue as the predominant color.. Because this is a hand-painted pattern, there may be significant variations in the pattern and colors. The surfaces can be uneven resulting in glaze skips which appear as darker circles in the glaze.

M. A. Hadley Pear and Grape Pink Dinner Plate

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