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Booths Real Old Willow Dinner Plate

Booths - Dinnerware

Booths (Ltd) was established in 1891 and was located in Tunstall, England. In 1948 the company joined Colclough China Ltd and became Booths and Colclough Ltd. In 1955 the company Joined Ridgway and became Ridgway & Adderly, Booths & Colclough Ltd. The Ridway Group which consisted of eight factories lasted unted 1964.


Booth made the Peony pattern in several colors. It is a floral pattern with scalloped edge and white background.

Booths Peony Blue Salad Plate

Real Old Willow

Booths' Real Old Willow pattern has the "typical" Blue Willow design in blue with a scalloped edge and gold trim. The pattern was started in 1910 and probably continued until the Ridgway Group ceased in 1964. In 1982 Royal Doulton began producing the pattern with the Booths name included in the backstamp.

Booths Real Old Willow Dinner Plate

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