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Harkerware/Harker Pottery Everglades Dinner Plate

Harkerware/Harker Pottery - Dinnerware

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Harker Pottery was an Ohio based pottery company. The Harker Pottery name began around 1857 and was operated by George S. Harker. The company was in business until 1972. The company also produced dinnerware for the Sears and Roebuck Harmony House line.


Harker Amy has a cream background with pink, orange and white flowers and platinum trim.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Amy Vegetable Bowl

Blue Mist

Harkerware's Blue Mist pattern has a robin's egg blue glaze on top with brown speckles in it and a tannish-gray underside.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Blue Mist Fruit Bowl

Cock O'Morn

Harker produced Cock O'Morn in two colors, yellow and coral. The larger pieces have a rooster on them while smaller pieces are solid colored.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Cock O'Morn Soup Bowl


I cannot distinquish any difference between Harker's Pate-Sur-Pate and Corinthian. To me they look to be the same pattern with the same color pallet.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Corinthian Teal Dinner Plate


Harker Coronet has a pale green background with white Calalily-like leaves going around the edge.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Coronet Serving Platter

Early American

The dinnerware pieces in the Harker Early American pattern feature colonial scenes with gold filigree trim.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Early American Pie Server


Everglades by Harkerware has a mauve background with sprays of cattails and papyrus done in white.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Everglades Dinner Plate

Godey Prints

Harker started producing Godey prints in 1950 and the pattern had a ten year run. It features people in colonial dress.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Godey Prints Pie Server

Golden Dawn

Harkerware's Golden Dawn pattern, like White Cap, has a speckled finish only this one is yellow. The underside is grey.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Golden Dawn Vegetable Bowl

Harker Unknown

It's just a matter of time before we identify this pattern. The underside is an off-white. Topside is yellow.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Cock O'Morn Soup Bowl

Lemon Tree

Harker Lemon Tree has a gray underside with a speckled white top graced with a gray tree and yellow lemons.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Lemon Tree Dinner Plate

Pastel Tulip

Harker Pastel Tulip is a Bakerite pattern featuring tulips.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Pastel Tulip Vegetable Bowl

Pate Sur Pate

Harker's Pate Sur Pate pattern features a solid background with a whiteand solid leaf-like trim on the rim. It came in several colors.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Pate Sur Pate Green/Teal  Dinner Plate

Peacock Alley

The Peacock Alley pattern by Harker is a heavy stoneware with a cream-colored background, gray underside and gray design with peacocks.

Pink Cocoa

Harker Pink Cocoa has a white/cream interior with a cocoa/pink exterior.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Pink Cocoa Gravy Boat


The Harker Rawhide pattern (Quaker maid Cookware Line) is very similar to the brown drip patternbut with a touch of green in it (not captured too well in the picture).

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Rawhide Creamer


The Harker Seafare pattern has a grey underside with a speckled white background on top. It is decorated with stylistic blue, red and yellow fish-like shapes.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Seafare Bread & Butter Plate

Shell Pink

Shell Pink by Harkerware is a heavy stoneware pattern. The bottom is grey and the top is a speckled pink.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Shell Pink Bread and Butter Plate


Harker's Springtime pattern has a beige background and a cream-colored floral design.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Springtime Two-Tiered Tidbit Tray


Harker produced many patterns that either were unnamed or have not been identified.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery Unknown Pie Server

White Cap

Harkerware White Cap has a white granite-looking face with a gray backside.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery White Cap Vegetable Bowl

White Clover Coral Sand

Harker's White Clover pattern was designed by Russel Wright. The background is a coral color and the design is a circle of clover leaves and flowers. It was produced from 1951 to 1957.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery White Clover Coral Sand Dinner Plate

White Daisy

Harker White Daisy has a yellow background with the cameo-like white daisies.

Harkerware/Harker Pottery White Daisy Dinner Plate

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