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Laurel Potteries of California - Dinnerware

Laurel Potteries began around 1940 and was one of the first of the great California potteries to go out of business. That was in the 1960s. They had offices in San Francisco and Stockton, California. The company was known for its speckeled patterns such as California Living, Holiday and Seaside. The dinnerware reached its popularity in the 1950s. The look of the dinnerware is somewhat similar to that of Bauer.

California Life

The California Life pattern by Laurel was introduced in the early 1950's. Like Brusche's Al Fresco patterns, Laurel's California Life pattern was a solid color with darker specks throughout.

California Living

Laurel's California Living is almost the same as it California Life pattern. It consists of a solid colored background with brown specks.

Laurel Potteries of California California Living Salad Plate


Laurel of California's Cerama-Stone dinnerware is very similar to California Living in that it is a speckled pattern. However, it is a ceramic dinnerware and has a matte finish.

Laurel Potteries of California Cerama-Stone Dinner Plate


Holiday by Laurel is another speckled dinnerware pattern. It came is a wide variety of "earthy" colors.

Laurel Potteries of California Seaside Spice Turquoise Salad Plate


The Laurel of California pattern, Seaside, was designed by Charles Scarpino around 1953. It is typical of Laurel's style in that it is a speckled pattern. The colors are pastel and earth tones.

Laurel Potteries of California Seaside Mint Green Cup and Saucer Set

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