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Frankoma Pottery was founded in 1927 by John Frank. The company, still producing pottery, is located in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Their pottery is made with good old Oklahoma clay and has a distinctive rustic nature about it and very unique shapes. Before 1954, the pottery was made from a tan-colored clay from Ada, Oklahoma. After 1954, they began using a red clay from Sapulpa.


We assume the Frankoma Lazybones pattern derived its name from the simplistic curves of this design. The colors were Desert Gold, Brown Satin, Prarie Green and Autumn Yellow.

Frankoma Lazybones Baker/Bean Pot

Oklahoma Plainsman

As with so many of Frankoma's patterns, Oklahoma Plainsman was done in earthy colors; i.e., Desert Gold, Onyx Black, Prairie Green, etc. All but the Onyx Black have the characteristic two-tone colors.

Wagon Wheel

The Frankoma Wagon Wheel pattern has a most definite western flare. The pieces have either a wagon wheel motive, branding iron marks or some other western form on them. The glaze on each piece is designed to look worn.

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