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Steubenville Pottery Company Woodfield Snack Plate

Steubenville Pottery Company - Dinnerware

The Steubenville Pottery Company was founded in 1879 and named after its location, Steubenville, Ohio. When the company closed in 1959, all its molds were bought by Canonsburg Pottery. Older pieces are the most collectible.

American Modern

American Modern was designed by Russel Wright and produced by Steubenville from 1939 to 1959. The dinnerware came in a wide variety of colors.

Steubenville Pottery Company American Modern Granite Gray Lugged Soup Bowl

Family Affair

The Steubenville pattern , Family Affair, features a pair of chickens.

Steubenville Pottery Company Family Affair Fruit Bowl


Steubenville Trend looks to be an old-fashioned pattern. The background is cream with a floral print and red trim.

Steubenville Pottery Company Trend Gravy Boat

Unknown Monticello

Steubenville not only produced dinnerware for their own sales but also for distributors such as Herman C. Kupper. Most, if not all, of the Monticello line was produced for Herman C. Kupper.

Steubenville Pottery Company Unknown Monticello Round Serving Platter

Unknown Steubenville

Like so many china companies, Steubenville did not mark the pattern name on their dinnerware. I have been unsuccessful in identifying this pattern. It is fine china with a cream backround and a border of gold filigree.

Steubenville Pottery Company Unknown Steubenville Fruit Bowl


The Steubenville Woodfield design is a simple leaf shape. The pieces came in various solid colors.

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