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Royal Worcester Egg Coddlers Louise Single Egg Coddler

Royal Worcester - Dinnerware

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The Royal Worcester Royal Porcelain Company of England was founded in 1754. The company was noted for its fine porcelain and bone china. I carry a faily extensive assortment of their egg coddlers and a few pieces from the Evesham, Strawberry Fair, Belvoir, Lavinia and Woodbury patterns. Royal Worcester closed June 16, 2009, a big disappointment for egg coddler enthusiasts. Portmeirion Group acquired the brand name and intellectual property and still produces pieces under that brand.

Alpine Flowers

Royal Worcester Alpine Flowers actually has numerous different floral patterns. The trim is gold.

Royal Worcester Alpine Flowers Boxed Ashtray


Royal Worcester produced the Astley pattern from 1967 to 1986. It has a white background, gold trim and purple, blue and orange flowers.

Royal Worcester Astley Luncheon Plate


Royal Worcester Belvoir has gold trim on a white background with either a red or blue marble-like stripe.

Royal Worcester Belvoir Blue Cup

Egg Coddlers

Egg coddlers have been used for years to produce a form of soft, not quite boiled, egg. Royal Worcester produced four sizes (however, they are no longer in business): Standard (one egg), King (two eggs), Jumbo (three eggs and I have only seen two of these) and Maxime (four egg). The coddlers can also be used to produce mini fondues. The patterns are from decals that were applied by hand. Thus, there may be some variations within the patterns. For example. most Bournemouth coddlers that I have seen show the large pink rose facing downward but I have one where it is facing upward. Some Evesham king coddlers have either red or blue currents and others just have a leaf.

Evesham ( England)

Royal Worcester's Evesham(England) pattern features a variety of fruits on white background. This version has gold trim. Look for the Evesham egg coddlers which are also featured on my website.

Royal Worcester Evesham ( England) Serving Platter

Evesham Vale

Royal Worcester's Evesham Vale pattern features a variety of fruits on white background with green trim.

Royal Worcester Evesham Vale Dinner Plate

Honey Orchard

Royal Worcester Honey Orchard is a pattern from their Crown Ware line. The color is of dark honey. The design includes various embossed fruits.

Royal Worcester Honey Orchard Dinner Plate

June Garland

Royal Worcester produced June Garland from 1965 to 1985. It has a white background, gold trim and a pattern of delicate lavendar flowers.

Royal Worcester June Garland Demitasse Cup and Saucer Set


Royal Worcester produced Lavinia from 1980 to 2002. It has a white background with a wreath of black berries. The trim is gold.

Royal Worcester Lavinia Salad Plate

Strawberry Fair

This Royal Worcester Strawberry Fair pattern is one of their Oven to Table ware designs. It was produced from 1974 to 1978. It has a white background with starwberries and a butterfly and blue trim.

Royal Worcester Strawberry Fair Cup and Saucer Set

Strawberry Fair (Gold)

This Royal Worcester Strawberry Fair pattern was produced by T. Goode & Co. It has gold trim with a design of strawberries and butterflies.

Royal Worcester Strawberry Fair (Gold) Dinner Plate


Royal Worcester Woodbury was produced from 1944 to 1995. It has a white background, blue trim and a floral ring of pink and blue flowers.

Royal Worcester Woodbury Salad Plate


Royal Worcester Woodland was produced from 1958 to 1971. Most pieces have a blue border with a gold rim. The center is a floral pattern in muted colors.

Royal Worcester Woodland Boxed Ashtray

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