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Spode Milkwood Salad Plate

Spode - Dinnerware

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Spode is one of the better known, high-quality china producers of England. The company has roots going back to the 1700s when Josiah Spode began developing his fine bone china. I have pieces from eleven of their patterns. Most of the pieces I have were produced in England. Like so many other manufacturers, Spode is now producing dinnerware made in China and, in my opinion, the quality is just not the same.

Blue Bird

Spode Blue Bird has a white background with yellow and blue fruits, flowers and a bird.

Spode Blue Bird Dinner Plate


Spode Buttercup is fashioned after a Spode pattern from 1895. It is a complex pattern of yellow flowers with brown filigree on a cream basket weave background and scalloped edge.

Spode Buttercup Dinner Plate

Chinese Rose (Green Trim)

This Spode Chinese Rose pattern was produced from 1952 to 2006. It features an oriental motif with Ming trees.

Spode Chinese Rose (Green Trim) Salad Plate

Christmas Rose

The Spode Christmas Rose pattern was produced from 1991 to 2015. The pattern was initially produced in England but later was made in Thailand and India. I only carry pieces made in England.

Spode Christmas Rose Bread and Butter Plate

Christmas Tree

Obviously Spode produced the Christmas Tree pattern as holiday dinnerware. It features a white background, green, decorated Christmas tree and came with several different colored trims. With the exception of the votive candle holder, all my pieces were made in England.

Spode Christmas Tree Dinner Plate


Spode Festival came in three colors; brown, blue and pink. It features a turkey in the center with a scroll and floral border. Festival was produced from 2001 to 2004.

Spode Festival Individual Pasta Bowl


Spode's Milkwood pattern is a display of blue and white flowers with brown leaves. The china is very translucent.

Spode Milkwood Salad Plate

New England

Spode New England is white bone china with different leaf patterns on each piece.

Spode New England Sugar Bowl and Lid

Peplow R8542

Spode produced several versions of this pattern. This one has a goldish/yellow (but not true gold) trim. It was produced from 1950 to 1969.

Spode Peplow R8542 Luncheon Plate


Spode (Copeland) Romney pattern offers a floral display on an off-white/cream background.

Spode Romney Cream Soup Bowl


Spode Westbourne came in brown and multi-colored. It was produced from 2004-2005.

Spode Westbourne Salad Plate

Willow (Blue Room)

Spode Willow Blue Room was only produced in 2002.

Spode Willow (Blue Room) Cup


Spode Woodland pattern features various pictures of animals on a cream background with a brown floral trim. Its production run started in 1991.

Spode Woodland Large Rim Soup Bowl

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