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Harmony House/Sears Classique Gold Soup Bowl

Harmony House/Sears - Dinnerware

Harmony House is not actually the name of a manufacturer but was a line of dinnerware sold by Sears & Roebuck. It was produced by various manufacturers including but not limited to Hall China, Homer Laughlin, Harker, Orchardware, Salem China, and Universal Potteries. I currently carry pieces from six patterns.


Sears Harmony House Bamboo pattern is just as its name suggests. It has a cream background with sprays of bamboo.

Harmony House/Sears Bamboo Bread & Butter Plate


I don't know what the Harmony House name for this pattern was but Orchardware called it "Cherry".

Harmony House/Sears Cherry Dinner Plate

Classique Gold

The Harmony House Classique Gold pattern has a cram background with a gold floral design.

Harmony House/Sears Classique Gold Soup Bowl


Harmony House Mainstreet is a square-shaped dinnerware that was produced in 1952. It came in several colors.

Harmony House/Sears Mainstreet Peach Dinner Plate

Mocha Pinecone

Harmony House Mocha Pinecone has a cream background with a spray of brown pinecones.

Mt. Vernon

Harmony House Mt. Vernon was made by Hall China for Sear and Roebuck. It is a delicate floral pattern with pink roses.

Harmony House/Sears Mt. Vernon Covered Vegetable Dish


Sears Poppy pattern is a multi-colored floral design on a cream background with organge trim.

Harmony House/Sears Poppy Cup


Harmony House Smyphony is a solid colored dinnerware. It came in several colors, including chartreuse, grey, pink and aquamarine.

Harmony House/Sears Symphony Dinner Plate

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