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I have a sizeable selection of steins by Anheuser Bush (Bud steins, both holiday and general). I also carry some Avon Steins, ice buckets (by various manufacturers), ashtrays (primarily casinos like Harrah's, Mapes, Harold's Club and the like) and anything else I associate with a bar. However, most glassware is listed separately under the Glassware category.

Americana Art China Company

The Americana Art China Company is located in Sebring, Ohio. Although they produce a variety of wares, they specialize in custom pottery and glass and have been in business since 1949.

Americana Art China Company Steins American Revolution Stein

Anchor Hocking

Anchor Hocking Company was born of a merger of the Hocking Glass Company and Anchor Cap & Closure Corporation in 1937. The company is still in production today as a divison of Global Home Products with its headquarters located in Lancaster, Ohio. You will find items from their Fire King line listed separately. Various items are listed under dinnerware, barware, housewares, kitchenware and glassware.

Anchor Hocking Sandwich Desert Gold Bowl

Anheuser Busch

Anheuser Busch Brewing Company, famous for Budweiser Beer and the Clydesdale, horses has been making various items associated with its products for years. I have a good selection of their annual Holiday Budweiser Beer Steins as well as other specialty steins. Most of the steins that I have were made in Brazil. All these items can be found under "Barware".

Anheuser Busch Budweiser Holiday Steins 1984 Budweiser Holiday Stein CS 62


Starting in 1886 as the California Perfume Company, Avon has grown to be one of the country's largest home-to-home selling businesses. In fact, today it is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics, perfumes and costume jewelry. I have a large selection of beer steins that can be found in "Barware". I carry other items in Dinnerware (Cape Cod), Housewares, Glassware and Miscellanous.

Avon Cape Cod Dinner Plate

Cambridge Glass Company

The Cambridge Glass Company operated in Cambridge, Ohio from 1901 until 1957. Their pieces are very popular with collectors. You'll find this Alpine ice bucket under Barware. You'll find Caprice pieces under Glassware.

Cambridge Glass Company Alpine Ice Bucket


Ceramarte is a Brazilian manufacturer. I don't know their entire line of products but we do know that they make beer steins for a wide variety of companies, including Budweiser. The Bud steins are listed under Anheuser Busch in Barware.

Ceramarte Steins Elvis Heartbreak Hotel Stein

Coors Brewery

Coors Brewery is located in the mountains of Golden Colorado.

Coors Brewery Steins A Golden Celebration Stein CR98

Cristal d'Arques/Durand

Cristal d'Arques is one of the brand names of ARC International (Luminarc, Arcoroc, Mikasa and the Durand Glass Manufacturing Company and others). Cristal d'Arques specializes in 24% lead crystal glassware.

Cristal d'Arques/Durand Longchamp Wine Goblet

Culver Glass

Culver Glass Company was an American glass manufacturer. The glassware was very popular in the 1950s and remains so to this day for many collectors. This glassware is getting harder and harder to find in very good or execellent condition. Too many people are putting it in their dishwashers - the shame of it!!! I have also found that not all pieces bear the Culver name. The signed Valencia pattern differs slighty from the unsigned. Many pieces were probably only marked with paper labels.

Culver Glass Prado Green Green and Gold Martini Pitcher

Farber Brothers

In 1915 Louis and Harry Farber established the Farber Brothers Krome-Kraft company, specializing in brass, chrome-plate and silver plated holloware. The company was located in New York ,NY. In the early 1930s they began creating metal holders for china and glass. Some of their most popular pieces held Cambridge glass (line #6018 )compotes, salt and pepper shakers and other assorted glassware. The company closed in 1965.

Farber Brothers Unknown Farber Brothers Gold and White Bowl

Federal Glass

The Federal Glass Company was located in Columbus, Ohio and was one of the major producers of "Depression Glass". It was eventually purchased by Lancaster Colony. Look under Glassware and Kitchenware to find their products. I have quite a few pieces in the Windsor pattern (if you are looking for colored Windsor, look under Indiana Glass).

Federal Glass Rosemary "Dutch Rose" Fruit Bowl

Hall China

The Hall China Company is located in East Liverpool, Ohio. It has been in business since founded on August 14, 1903. Dinnerware production has been sporatic, however. The company produced dinnerware from 1908 to 1911 and then stopped until 1936. The company is probably most well-known for producing the Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf pattern. In March of 2010, the company merged with Homer Laughlin China Company.

Harvey's Hotels and Casinos

Harvey's is a chain of Resorts/Hotels/Casinos located in the state of Neveda. Harvey's Casino didn't actually produce these items but they were made for the Casino by an unknown manufacturer.

Harvey's Hotels and Casinos Drink Glasses Harvey's Lake Tahoe Tall Drink Glass

Hazel Atlas

The Hazel Atlas Glass Company began in 1902 and was first located in Washington, Pennsylvania. Eventually, the company grew and had a number of different plants. Over the years pieces of the company were sold off to other manufacturers. Its final demise came in 1987.

Hazel Atlas Kitchen Glassware Juice Carafe/Chiller

Heirlooms of Tomorrow/California Originals

California Originals (aka Heirlooms of Tomorrow), located in Manhattan Beach and Torrance, California is probably most noted for their outlandish ashtrays. They, however, produced various items for the homes such as figurines, vases, candy dishes, relish trays, etc.

Heirlooms of Tomorrow/California Originals Miscellaneous Turquoise Server Set

Indiana/Colony Glass Company

The Indiana Glass Company began as part of the Ohio Flint Glass Company which was later sold to the National Glass Company. They officially became Indiana Glass Company in 1907. They produced a wide variety of glass items in a wide array of colors. The Indiana Carnival (Iridescent) is probably the most popular. In 1957 Lancaster Colony purchased the company. Lancaster Colony closed the factory in 2002. I have many pieces/colors of the Indiana Thumbprint line as well as other patterns.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Carnival Marigold Princess Punch Bowl

Kastrup Holmegaard

Kastrup Holmegaard is a Danish glass company located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was established in 1825.

Kastrup Holmegaard Kluk Kluk Decanters Clear Kluk Kluk Decanter with Ball Stopper

Maurice Ceramics of California

Maurice of California was founded by Maurice Pechman.

Maurice Ceramics of California Unknown Maurice Ceramics Leaf Dish

Michter's Distillery

Michter's Distillery was established in 1753 and is located in Schafferstown, PA. They are known for ther "Pot Still" whiskey.

Michter's Distillery Whiskey Jugs Whiskey Jug

Miller Brewing Company

The Miller Brewing Company is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Miller Brewing Company Steins Declaration of Indenpendence Stein M92

Pabst Brewery

Pabst Brewery is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Pabst Brewery Steins America's Quality Brewery Since 1844 Stein


Shulton is the producer of Old Spice men's products. The containers themselves were produced by other manufacturers and were either filled with or accompanied Shulton's products. You can find Old Spice shaving mugs listed under their manufacturers, predominently here as Wheaton Glass.

Shulton Old Spice Steins '12 Meter Racing Sloop Glass Stein

Silver Legacy Resort and Casino

The Silver Legacy Resort and Casino is located in Reno, NV.

Arcoroc Canterbury Mug

Smith Glass Co.

The Smith Glass Co.(L. E. Smith), founded in 1907, is one of several that produced items in the Moon and Stars and Daisy and Button patterns. The pieces are easily confused with L. G. Wright's glassware by the same pattern names. The company is still in operation today in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.


Spode is one of the better known, high-quality china producers of England. The company has roots going back to the 1700s when Josiah Spode began developing his fine bone china. I have pieces from eleven of their patterns. Most of the pieces I have were produced in England. Like so many other manufacturers, Spode is now producing dinnerware made in China and, in my opinion, the quality is just not the same.

Spode Milkwood Salad Plate


Stangl Pottery was begun by J. Martin Stangl around 1930 when he bought the Fulper Pottery Company in New Jersey. However, the company name did not change until 1955 when it actually became Stangl Pottery. Stangl Pottery was purchased by Pfaltzgraff in 1978 and the Stangl lines ceased.

Trader Vic's

Trader Vic's is a chain of restaurants across the world that started with a saloon in Oakland, California by Vic "The Trader" Bergeron in 1934. The company does not actually produce these specialty glasses but purchases them for not only holding their unique tropical drinks but also as promotion items for their restaurant chain.

Trader Vic's Drink Glasses Glass

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is a Resort/Casino located on The Strip in Las Vegas, NV.

Treasure Island  Barware Clear Skull Stein

Unknown Barware

Pieces listed here could have been made by several manufacturers. When I'm not sure which, I err on the side of caution and list them as unknown.

Unknown Barware Moon and Stars Green Decanter


Vernonware began with Poxon China in 1916, located in Vernon, California. Later, in 1928, it became Vernon Potteries or Vernon Kilns. The company was bought out by Metlox in 1958 and became a division of Metlox. I have pieces from 65 different patterns including some of the hard-to-find patterns such as Winchester 73 and the souveneir specialty plates of various landmarks, California missions, cities and states.

Vernonware Sherwood Dinner Plate

West Bend

The West Bend Company began as West Bend Aluminum Company in 1911 in West Bend, Wisconsin. Since that time, they have been producing various types of cookware. The name changed to West Bend Company in 1961. They are still one of the top U.S. producers of cookware.

West Bend Penguin Ice Bucket Ice Bucket

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