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Unknown Barware Moon and Stars Green Decanter

Unknown Barware - Barware

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Pieces listed here could have been made by several manufacturers. When I'm not sure which, I err on the side of caution and list them as unknown.


I offer a very diverse collection of ashtrays, some considered highly collectible, others, not so. I am constantly adding to my web site offerings so be sure to check often if you are looking for something in particular. They were actually not produced by the casinos/restaurants but purchased from various supplier.

Denver Broncos

The National Football League has licensed numerous companies to produce collectible memorabilia for the various football teams, the Denver Broncos being one of those teams.

Unknown Barware Denver Broncos Denver Broncos Stein

Moon and Stars

Fenton, Smith Glass, L. G. Wright all made the Moon and Stars pattern (Fenton made it for L. G. Wright).

Unknown Barware Moon and Stars Green Decanter

NFL Steins

Since the NFL licensed numerous manufactuers to make football memorabilia and some commemorate more than one team, I list those here.

Unknown Barware NFL Steins Super Bowl XX Stein

San Francisco Forty-Niners

The National Football Leaque and the San Francisco Forty-Niners licensed numerous companies to produce souvniers and football collectables. I offer several versions of San Francisco Forty-Niner glassware, most of which were offered as premiums when buying gasoline.

Unknown Barware San Francisco Forty-Niners Miller Beer Glass


Much like shot glasses, shooters have become highly collectible. Sometimes I might be able to identify a manufacturer but often the pieces are unmarked.

Unknown Barware Shooters Jose Cuervo Shooter Set

Shot Glasses

I am just starting to catelog and list our shot glasses. I have over a hundred so it will take some time.

Hazel Atlas Barrel/Bucket Green Barrel Shot Glass


Some steins I can attribute to a commercial entity such as Anheuser Bush, Avon, etc. but others I cannot. They are listed here.

Unknown Barware Steins San Jose Sharks Stein

Unknown Barware

Many glass and pottery manufacturers produced ashtrays, steins and miscellaneous items often found in a bar environment. Sometimes I have been successful in identifying the maker, but often, not.

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