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Pyrex is a division of the Corning Company which produces a heat-resistant, tempered glassware. Many of the Pyrex designs complement the Corning bakeware and Corelle dinnerware patterns.


The Pyrex Americana patterns differs from the Citrus and Primary Color bowls in that each bowl has a rim of white at the top.

Pyrex Americana Large Brown Bowl

Black and White

These bowls by Pyrex were made in the 1970s. They have clear glass bottoms. The four different sizes all fit neatly within each other. The bowls are oven and microwave safe.

Pyrex Black and White White Nesting Bowl

Black and White Gooseberry

Like the other Pyrex Gooseberry patterns, this one has a white background with black gooseberries going all around.

Pyrex Black and White Gooseberry Cinderella Bowl

Butterfly Gold

The Pyrex Butterfly Gold pattern came out in the late 1960s to early 1970s. It features flowers with, of course, butterflies.

Pyrex Butterfly Gold Butter Dish and Lid

Butterprint Turquoise

Pryex made the Butterprint pattern in three colors, turquoise, pink and gold. The pattern dates back to 1957.


The Pryex Citrus pattern (or color) came in nesting bowls and refrigerator sets. As far as I can determine, the colors ranged from a light brown to orange to two different shades of yellow. Since I cannot verify the exact grouping,I will just describe what I have.

Pyrex Citrus Orange Bowl

Colonial Mist

The Pyrex Colonial Mist pattern came in two styles. Blue background with white flowers or white background with blue flowers.

Pyrex Colonial Mist Small Blue Bowl

Crazy Daisy

Remember the 1970s when avocado was the "in" color! This pattern is found on bowls, refrigerator sets, casseroles, etc. It is similar to Spring Blossom but the flowers are much smaller. This pattern is often referred to as Spring Blossoms because that is the name that the identical Corelle pattern was given.

Pyrex Spring Blossom Green Casserole with Lid

Daisy (Pink)

Pyrex had several patterns called Daisy. This one has a pink background with starburst-like flowers around the side. It dates from 1957.

Pyrex Daisy (Pink) Split Vegetable Dish


Pyrex Designs pattern offers loops of orange and gold on a white background.

Early American

The Pyrex Early American pattern came in two styles. One had a white background with brown print and the other, brown background with gold print. It features old fashioned items such as weathervanes, billows, coffee grinders, etc.

Pyrex Early American Medium Bowl


The Pryrex Friendship pattern has red birds with gold and red flowers on a white background.

Glass Coffee Pots

Back in the olden days before electric appliances and microwaves became popular you had the coffee percolator. Pyrex was one of the most common manufacturers of glass stove-top percolators. Shapes varied and the pots came in 4-cup, 6-cup and 9-cup sizes.

Pyrex Glass Coffee Pots Glass Coffee Pot

Glass Pots

Along with their line of glass coffee pots, Pyrex also made a variety of kitchen cooking pots.

Pyrex Glass Pots Pot

Gooseberry Pink

Pyrex made the Gooseberry pattern is several color combinations. This has either a pink or white background with white or pink contracting gooseberries and leaves. The pattern first came out in 1957.

Pyrex Gooseberry Pink Small Casserole with Lid

Hamilton Beach

Pyrex produced mixing bowls for Hamilton Beach to be sold with their electric mixers.

Pyrex Hamilton Beach Large White Mixing Bowl


Pyrex produced two versions of the Homestead pattern One has a brown floral pattern on a speckled tan backgroun. The other (the one I feature has the same specked background but the floral pattern is blue. It was produced from 1976 to 1980.

Pyrex Homestead Large Mixing Bowl

New Dot

In 1967 Pyrex began producing mixing bowls with dots in various colors. The largest was green dots, the next largest, blue dots, then yellow dots and the smallest was red dots.

Pyrex New Dot Medium Large Blue New Dot Bowl

Primary Colors

Primary Colors was the first colored bakeware offered by Pyrex. We remember them from the 1950s but may have come out in the late 1940s. The smallest bowl was originally a torquoise color but eventually evolved into a deeper blue.


These bowls by Pyrex were made in the 1970s. They come in a variety of solid colors with clear glass bottoms. The four different sizes all fit neatly within each other. The bowls are oven and microwave safe.

Pyrex Rainbow Green Nesting Bowl

Rainbow Stripes

The Rainbow Stripes bowls by Pryex date from 1965. They came in yellow/white, blue/white, pink/white and tan/white.

Reverse Primary

Pyrex Reverse Primary consists of green (4 qt), Yellow (2 1/2 qt), orange (1 1/2 qt) and blue ( 1 1/2 pt) bowls.

Pyrex Reverse Primary Large Green Bowl


Pyrex' Shenandoah pattern has a yellow background with green flowers and leaves.

Pyrex Shenandoah Casserole with Lid

Snowflake Blue

The Pyrex Snowflake Blue pattern can be found with a blue background or a white background.

Pyrex Snowflake Blue Medium Large Blue Bowl

Solid Brown

I haven't been able to determine what bowl set these brown bowls belong to.

Pyrex Solid Brown Small Brown Bowl

Solid Pink

Pink Pyrex is popular among collectors. This might have been called "Flamingo" but I amnot sure.

Pyrex Solid Pink Pink Bowl Set

Solid Turquoise

Pyrex used this same color to produce the Butterprint Blue pattern.

Spring Blossom Green

Spring Blossom Green by Pyrex is so typical of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The pattern is found with backgrounds of various shades of avocado with large or small white flowers; or, with a white background with large dark avocado flowers.

Pyrex Spring Blossom Green Medium Large Bowl

Square Flowers

Pyrex Square Flowers is pretty self-descriptive. It feastures green square-like flowers on a white background.

Pyrex Square Flowers Casserole with Lid


I have found a couople of different two-toned bowls by Pyrex. No doubt they have a name but I don't know what it is.


Verde was the name Pyrex gave to its nesting bowls done in various shades of green. The date back to 1964.

Pyrex Verde Bowl Set


The Pyrex Woodland pattern was a two-colored design. Some pieces were a light tan and others, a dark brown. The main design was that of flowers and leaves done in white. The pattern came out in the later 1960s.

Pyrex Woodland Stacking Bowls


We aren't sure this was actually a set of Pyrex or just a group of different sized bowls put together.

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