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Anchor Hocking Coolidge Vase Forest Green Vase


This category includes items such as vases, candlesticks, decorative glassware and candy dishes. Some of the manufacturers represented include Treasure Craft, Anchor Hocking, Avon, Fenton, Viking Glass and L. E. Smith. However, be sure to also check out my "Glassware" category for more from your favorite manufacturer.

Artistic Pottery Company

I don't know too much about this company. It was in business during the 1940s with a manufacturing plant in Whittier, California. I believe the company to have been short-lived and out of business by the mid-1950s.

Artistic Pottery Company Artistic Unknown Vase

Boston Warehouse

Boston Warehouse was established by Peter Jenkins in 1974. It was orginally an import company but has since expanded into producing various kitchen and home wares.

Boston Warehouse Chip and Dip Cowboy Hat Chip and Dip

Brayton Laguna Pottery

Brayton Laguna Pottery was located in Laguna Beach California and was in business from 1927 to 1963. The company produced a wide variety of pottery, ranging from dinnerware, vases, and cookie jars to artware. Either this pottery is not too common or people are holding on to what they have because I haven't seen too much of it.

Catalina Pottery

Gladding McBean and Company bought Catalina Pottery (originally located on Catalina Island) in 1937 and produced pottery under the Catalina name until 1947.

Catalina Pottery Art Pottery Matte White Vase C337

Continental Kilns

Continental Kilns was a relatively short-lived company that began in Chester, West Virginia in 1944. Their china featured floral and leave motifs. The company went out of business in 1957. I don't come across too many of their products.

Continental Kilns Lotus Tree Blossom Vase

Design Gifts International

Design Gifts International was founded in 1974 in Corona, California. It is no longer in business though I don't know when it closed. The company provide various decorative plaques and boxes, usually made of lucit or soapstone.

Design Gifts International Seahorse Plaques Set of Black Seahorse Plaques

E. O. Brody

E. O. Brody (Ernest Oscar Brody) Company was located in Cleveland Ohio from 1958 to 1971 when it was then acquired by Lancaster Colony of Columbus, Ohio. The main thrust of the company was the production of florist vases.

E. O. Brody Florest Vases Forest Green Pedestal Compote Vase

Farber Brothers

In 1915 Louis and Harry Farber established the Farber Brothers Krome-Kraft company, specializing in brass, chrome-plate and silver plated holloware. The company was located in New York ,NY. In the early 1930s they began creating metal holders for china and glass. Some of their most popular pieces held Cambridge glass (line #6018 )compotes, salt and pepper shakers and other assorted glassware. The company closed in 1965.

Farber Brothers Unknown Farber Brothers Gold and White Bowl

Fire King

Fire King was a line of the Anchor Hocking Glass Company which began in 1941 and continued into the 1970s. They produced dinner, glass and tableware in numerous patterns and colors but are probably most well-known for their Jade-ite pieces. I offer quite a selection of mugs as well as other items. Pieces are found in Dinnerware, Kitchenware and Glassware.

Fire King Candleglow Casserole and Lid


Fostoria was a well-known United States glass manufacturer. I carry several different colors of the Cabaret pattern glassware developed for the Franciscan Pottery Company to complement their dinnerware. I also offer a variety of pieces of Fostoria American. The company lasted nearly a hundred years, beginning in 1887 and ending in 1986 when it was purchased by the Lancaster Colony Company.

Franciscan Franciscan Cabaret Glassware Franciscan

Freeman-McFarlin Pottery

Freeman-McFarlin Potteries was a collaboration between Gerald McFarlin and Maynard Anthony Freeman. The company began in El Monte, California and later expanded to San Marcos. It remained in operation until bought out by Hagen-Renaker in 1980.

Gorham Crystal

Gorham Crystal is a German glassware company.

Gorham Crystal Star Blossom Ice Tea


Haeger Potteries, Inc. is an Illinois pottery company with plants in Macomb and Dundee. It has been in business since 1871 and is perhaps best know for its vases, bowls and decorative items. Pieces from this company are gaining in popularity.

Haeger Decorative Pottery Bowl

Hall China

The Hall China Company is located in East Liverpool, Ohio. It has been in business since founded on August 14, 1903. Dinnerware production has been sporatic, however. The company produced dinnerware from 1908 to 1911 and then stopped until 1936. The company is probably most well-known for producing the Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf pattern. In March of 2010, the company merged with Homer Laughlin China Company.

Heirlooms of Tomorrow/California Originals

California Originals (aka Heirlooms of Tomorrow), located in Manhattan Beach and Torrance, California is probably most noted for their outlandish ashtrays. They, however, produced various items for the homes such as figurines, vases, candy dishes, relish trays, etc.

Heirlooms of Tomorrow/California Originals Miscellaneous Turquoise Server Set

Hoosier Glass

Hoosier Glass was produced by Syndicate Sales in Kokomo, Indiana. They began producing florist vases in 1979.

Hoosier Glass Florist Vases Clear Vase #4040

Jamestown Pottery

I have no information regarding this company.

Jamestown Pottery Miscellaneous Pottery Single Candlestick

Jammet & Seignolles

Located in Limoges, France, Jammet & Seignolles was founded in 1950. The company is still producing extremely fine porcelain dinnerware.

Jammet & Seignolles Unknown Jammet & Seignolles Ashtray

Jeannette Glass Company

Jeannette Glass Company was another premier U.S. glass manufacturer. The Jeanette Glass Co. started in 1888 in Jeannette, PA. In 1969 they acquired Royal China and Harker Pottery. The company continued until 1983. The Country Harvest recipe pie plates continue to be very popular.

Jeannette Glass Company Hellenic Green Shot Glass

Kay Finch

Kay Finch was a California potter from Corona Del Mar. She specialized in figurines and her animals (dogs, specifically) are highly sought after. She produced her wares from 1935 to 1963.

Kay Finch Figurines Woman with Pink Bow

Lane and Company/Sunkist Creations of California

Lane and Company/Sunkist Creations of California was located in Van Nuys. They produced lamps, vases and various serving items. These items were most popular in the 1950s. Their pieces are sentimental favorites.

Lane and Company/Sunkist Creations of California Miscellaneous Pottery Longhorn Barbeque Tray and Cup Set

Lenox China Company

Lenox, Inc., located in Trenton, New Jersey, has been in business since 1894 and is still going strong. I came across a piece that was labelled "Made In China". I went to the Lenox web site to investigate and there was no indication that any items were made in a country other than the United States. I made an inquiry and was advised by a company representative that their "fine dinnerware is still manufactured in the United States" but their "collectibles and giftware are manufactured in many of the Lenox owned and operated factories throughout the world."

Lenox China Company Special Dinner Plate

Lou Hoenig of California

I haven't been able to find out anything about this company. From the looks of the pottery, I would guess it was in business in the 1950s/1960s.

Lou Hoenig of California Lou Hoenig Miscellaneous Ashtray

Louisville Stoneware

The Louisville Stoneware Company was founded in 1971 when John B. Taylor's building, molds etc. were purchased by John and Vivian Robertson.

Louisville Stoneware Country Flower Blue Soup Mug


Maddux began in Los Angeles, California in 1938. They produced a variety of housewares, giftwares and novelty items. The company ceased production in 1974.

Maddux Maddux Miscellaneous Ashtray

Maurice Ceramics of California

Maurice of California was founded by Maurice Pechman.

Maurice Ceramics of California Unknown Maurice Ceramics Leaf Dish


The Metlox Pottery Company began in 1927 in Manhattan Beach, California and grew to become one of California's premier pottery companies. There were two divisions within Metlox, the Poppytrail Division and the Vernonware Division (due to Metlox's purchase of Vernon Kilns in 1942). I carry over 70 patterns/color variations of Metlox. The Vernonware Division is listed separately (another sixty-five patterns). Metlox closed in 1989.

Metlox Homestead Provincial Bread and Butter Plate


Mikasa, Inc. was found in 1948 by George Aratani. The company originated in California but as a division of Lifetime Btrands, its headquarters are now located in Garden City, New York. They are a dinner and glassware importer and distributor.

Mikasa Perfect Pair Dinner Plate

National Pottery Company

The National Pottery Company aka National Potteries Corporation is located in Bedford, Ohio near Cleveland (which explains why the markings state NAPCO, Cleveland, Ohio). The company has been in business since 1938 and has produced glassware as well as pottery. Their green glassware has the same color as Anchor Hockings Forest Green.

National Pottery Company Green Vases Tall Rectangular Forest Green Vase


The Pfaltzgraff Pottery Company is located in York Pennsyvania. It has been in operation since 1811. The company was acquired by Lifetime Brands in July of 2005. I have pieces from their Village and Yorktown patterns.

Pfaltzgraff  Yorktowne Tea Pot

Red Wing

Red Wing Pottery got its name from its location, Red Wing, Minnesota. Founded in 1861, the company began producing dinnerware in 1935 and continued until closing in 1967. Bob White is probably their most recognizable pattern and has some very unusual and charming shapes.

Red Wing  Bob White Serving Platter


Revere aka Revere Ware began in 1892 and was produced by the Pitsburgh Reduction Company. Over the years the company merged and changed names numerous times.

Revere  Cookware Coffee Pot

Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company

The Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company is located in Roseville, Ohio. The company, still operating today, has been active since 1920 (actually longer than that but under different names).

Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company Cookie Jars

Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton is an English china company which began as "Doulton and Company" (founded in 1853). The company has been acquired by Fiskar which also owns Wedgwood and Royal Albert. I carry pieces from thirty-one of their patterns.

Royal Doulton The Kirkwood Bread & Butter Plate

Sascha Brastoff of California, Inc

Sascha Brastoff is an well-known artist using various mediums such as sculpture and ceramics. Each piece is handmade. He started his venture in 1953 in Los Angles, CA.

Sascha Brastoff of California, Inc Unknown Sascha Brastoff Lidded Bowl

Shawnee Pottery Company

The Shawnee Pottery Company was founded in Zanesville, Ohio in 1937. They produced decorative items for the home and kitchen and are probably most well known for their cookie jars. The company closed in 1961.

Smith Glass Co.

The Smith Glass Co.(L. E. Smith), founded in 1907, is one of several that produced items in the Moon and Stars and Daisy and Button patterns. The pieces are easily confused with L. G. Wright's glassware by the same pattern names. The company is still in operation today in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

The Rocky Mountain Pottery Company

The Rocky Mountain Pottery Company was founded in Loveland Colorando in 1952. It produces various decorative items of pottery which mostly feature pinecone or wheat motifs.

The Rocky Mountain Pottery Company Unknown Rocky Mountain Pottery Vase

The Whittier Pottery Company

The Whittier Pottery Company states they make "high fired, high quality ceramics". Probably their most commom and popular line is "Whittier Ware" party hats (also known as sombrero chip and dips) which seem to have been inspired by the Metlox chip and dip sombrero. I have seen other plates in white for artichokes and dip.

The Whittier Pottery Company Sombrero Chip and Dip/Party Hat Sombrero Chip and Dip/Party Hat

Treasure Craft or Pottery Craft

Treasure Craft of California (also known as Pottery Craft) is located in Compton, California. They produce a variety of items including cookie jars, ashtrays and souvenir pieces. They produced a chip and dip similar to Whittier's and Metlox's only Treasure Craft made it in brown as well as white. For a time, there was a plant located in Maui, Hawaii. We recently learned that the company will no longer be manufacturing pottery.

Treasure Craft or Pottery Craft Sombrero Chip and Dip Sombrero Chip and Dip Plate

Unknown Housewares

This Unknown Housewares category can have a wide variety of house ware items that could have been manufactured by any number of companies.

Unknown Housewares Vintage Light Fixtures Art Deco Slip Shade


Vernonware began with Poxon China in 1916, located in Vernon, California. Later, in 1928, it became Vernon Potteries or Vernon Kilns. The company was bought out by Metlox in 1958 and became a division of Metlox. I have pieces from 65 different patterns including some of the hard-to-find patterns such as Winchester 73 and the souveneir specialty plates of various landmarks, California missions, cities and states.

Vernonware Sherwood Dinner Plate

Viking Glass or New Martinsville

What began in 1900 as New Martinsville Glass Manufacturing Company became The Viking Glass Company in 1944. Located in New Martinsville, West Virginia, these two companies were producers of elegant and colorful decorative glass pieces. The company went out of business in 1999 but their products remain popular.

Viking Glass or New Martinsville Epic Persimmon Compote


Wade is an Irish pottery company perhaps best known in the United States for producing the small figures given away in Rose Tea boxes.

Wade Souvenier Mugs Picadilly Circus Mug

Wedgwood China

Wedgwood is an English firm dating back to the 1800s. I have a pieces from over twenty of their patterns. Items from the Midwinter Stonehenge lines are listed separately. Wedgwood became part of WWRD Holdings in 2009.

Weil Ware/California Figurine Company

California Figurine Company aka Weil Ware was founded by Max Weil some time in the 1930s. The company was located in Los Angeles, California and existed until the mid 1950s.

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