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I offer various types of glasses and pitchers by a wide variety of manufacturers, including Culver, Cris d'Arques, Duncan Miller, Heisy, Fostoria, Tiffin (primarily Franciscan Madeira glassware), Imperial (Candlewick), Libbey, Indiana Glass and Jeannette Glass Company. Although used, these pieces show little wear and tear. Be sure to check out Housewares and Barware as well for more glass items. I have a separate category for vintage champagne glasses.

A & W Root Beer

For all practical purposes, A & W Root Beer was established by Roy Allen and Frank Wright in Lodi, California around 1920. I carry some of their mugs and a few glasses.

A & W Root Beer Mugs Mug

Anchor Hocking

Anchor Hocking Company was born of a merger of the Hocking Glass Company and Anchor Cap & Closure Corporation in 1937. The company is still in production today as a divison of Global Home Products with its headquarters located in Lancaster, Ohio. You will find items from their Fire King line listed separately. Various items are listed under dinnerware, barware, housewares, kitchenware and glassware.

Anchor Hocking Sandwich Desert Gold Bowl


I don't know much about Arcoroc other than it is a French Company that produces glassware, although I have seen some items made in the USA. I believe it is also a part of ARC International.

Luminarc Arcoroc Fleur Cup and Saucer Set


Starting in 1886 as the California Perfume Company, Avon has grown to be one of the country's largest home-to-home selling businesses. In fact, today it is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics, perfumes and costume jewelry. I have a large selection of beer steins that can be found in "Barware". I carry other items in Dinnerware (Cape Cod), Housewares, Glassware and Miscellanous.

Avon Cape Cod Dinner Plate

Bakewell, Pears and Company

Bakewell, Pears and Company was founded around 1807 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The company produced EAPG in a variety of patterns. It is believed the company went out of business some time in the 1880s. This glassware is very difficult to find.

Bakewell, Pears and Company Frosted Ribbon Goblet

Bartlett Collins

Like Libbey, Federal and Anchor Hocking, the Bartlett Collins Company produced a wide variety of pitchers and glasses.

Bartlett Collins St Genevieve Amber Wine Goblet


I haven't been able to find out any information on this company.

Bayel Bacchante Water Goblet (Frosted Nude Stem)

Blenko Glass Company

Blenko Glass Company was established in 1893 by William J. Blenko. The company is currently located in Milton, West Virginia and produces colorful, hand-blown art glass pieces as well as architectural glass..

Blenko Glass Company Art Glass Orange Decanter

Bryce Brothers

Bryce Brothers was established in Pittsburgh, PA in 1882 and produced many patterns of EAPG. In 1891 they joined U.S. Glass.

Bryce Brothers Argent Spooner

Cambridge Glass Company

The Cambridge Glass Company operated in Cambridge, Ohio from 1901 until 1957. Their pieces are very popular with collectors. You'll find this Alpine ice bucket under Barware. You'll find Caprice pieces under Glassware.

Cambridge Glass Company Alpine Ice Bucket

Central Glass

Central Glass Company, an early producer of EAPG, was founded in 1863 and was located in Wheeling, West Virginia. In 1891 it joined U. S. Glass and then at a later date became Central Glass Works.

Central Glass Pilgrim Bottle  Syrup Jug #731

Co-Operative Flint Glass Company

Established in 1869 as Beaver Falls Co-Operative Fint in Beaver Falls, PA. It became Co-Operative Flint Glass Company in 1889. Operations ceased sometime between 1934 and 1937.

Co-Operative Flint Glass Company Basketweave Clear Cordial

Continental Can Company

Continental Can Company, founded in 1904, was orignally a manufacturer of metal containers and packaging materials. In 1956 it acquired the Hazel Atlas Glass Company and produced glass products as well.

Continental  Can Company Barrel Glassware Green Barrel Shot Glass

Cristal d'Arques/Durand

Cristal d'Arques is one of the brand names of ARC International (Luminarc, Arcoroc, Mikasa and the Durand Glass Manufacturing Company and others). Cristal d'Arques specializes in 24% lead crystal glassware.

Cristal d'Arques/Durand Longchamp Wine Goblet

Cristal de Flandre

Cristal de Flandre is a French glass manufacturer. Much like Cris d'Arques, they produce lead crystal glassware.

Cristal de Flandre Palais Wine Goblet

Culver Glass

Culver Glass Company was an American glass manufacturer. The glassware was very popular in the 1950s and remains so to this day for many collectors. This glassware is getting harder and harder to find in very good or execellent condition. Too many people are putting it in their dishwashers - the shame of it!!! I have also found that not all pieces bear the Culver name. The signed Valencia pattern differs slighty from the unsigned. Many pieces were probably only marked with paper labels.

Culver Glass Prado Green Green and Gold Martini Pitcher

DC Comics

DC Comics most likely began in 1937 as "Detective Comics". Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, et. al. and provided hours of adventure for the avid comic reader. The populaarity of those characters remains high.

DC Comics Novelty Glasses Wonder Woman Tumbler


The Disney Company frequently commissions different items to be made to promote their movies. It is not unusual to find plates, cups or glasses with characters from their latest project.

Disney Cartoon Glassware Winnie the Pooh and Tigre

Douglas Flameproof Glass

I know nothing about this company. I assume they were in business around the 1950s/1960s just by the look of their products.

Douglas Flameproof Glass Pine Cone Coffee Pot with Stand

Duncan Miller

Established in 1894, the George A. Duncan and Sons Company was located in Washington, Pennsylvania. Duncan and Miller Glass got its name in 1900 when John E. Miller became a partner with John E. Duncan, son of George.

Duncan Miller Tear Drop Relish Dish

Farber Brothers

In 1915 Louis and Harry Farber established the Farber Brothers Krome-Kraft company, specializing in brass, chrome-plate and silver plated holloware. The company was located in New York ,NY. In the early 1930s they began creating metal holders for china and glass. Some of their most popular pieces held Cambridge glass (line #6018 )compotes, salt and pepper shakers and other assorted glassware. The company closed in 1965.

Farber Brothers Unknown Farber Brothers Gold and White Bowl

Federal Glass

The Federal Glass Company was located in Columbus, Ohio and was one of the major producers of "Depression Glass". It was eventually purchased by Lancaster Colony. Look under Glassware and Kitchenware to find their products. I have quite a few pieces in the Windsor pattern (if you are looking for colored Windsor, look under Indiana Glass).

Federal Glass Rosemary "Dutch Rose" Fruit Bowl

Fenton Glass

The Fenton Glass Company was founded in Ohio in 1905 by Frank L. Fenton. In 1907 the company moved to Williamstown, West Virginia and has been producing quality glass products there ever since. Fenton also produced pieces for Rubel, L. G. Wright Company, Weil Ceramics and others. The company has been struggling to survive these last few years. In 2011 they stopped producing traditional glassware and now concentrate on jewelry items.

Fenton Glass Thumbprint Amber Ruffled Bowl

Fire King

Fire King was a line of the Anchor Hocking Glass Company which began in 1941 and continued into the 1970s. They produced dinner, glass and tableware in numerous patterns and colors but are probably most well-known for their Jade-ite pieces. I offer quite a selection of mugs as well as other items. Pieces are found in Dinnerware, Kitchenware and Glassware.

Fire King Candleglow Casserole and Lid


Fostoria was a well-known United States glass manufacturer. I carry several different colors of the Cabaret pattern glassware developed for the Franciscan Pottery Company to complement their dinnerware. I also offer a variety of pieces of Fostoria American. The company lasted nearly a hundred years, beginning in 1887 and ending in 1986 when it was purchased by the Lancaster Colony Company.

Franciscan Franciscan Cabaret Glassware Franciscan


Franciscan Ware, or Franciscan Pottery as it was first named in 1934, was manufactured by Gladding-McBean and Company of Glendale, CA. Scores of different styles and patterns were produced. In 1962 Gladding McBean and Company merged with the Lock Joint Pipe Company and became Interpace. Franciscanware was produced in California until 1984 when the facility at Glendale was closed and all production moved to England. Johnson Brothers of England then produced some of the patterns in England (later some patterns/pieces were produced in Japan, China and Portugal). It is important to note that not all pieces carry a “Franciscan” mark. Unless you are familiar with a particular pattern, you may not recognize it as “Franciscan.” I carry mostly those patterns produced in California but also a few made in England and China which I list separately. Even those pieces made in California have slight variations due to mold changes, or, for those which are hand-painted, the skill of the painter. I have pieces from one hundred and sixty-six Franciscan patterns. I always think of Desert Rose for Easter (although Wild Flower would work equally well), Ivy for St. Patrick's Day, October for Thanksgiving and Apple for Christmas. Franciscan China is now only produced in China. While some of the English glassware is listed with the English dinnerware, the pieces produced in the USA by Fostoria (Cabaret) and Tiffin (Madeira) are listed under Glassware.

Franciscan Desert Rose (USA) Salad Plate

Gates Ware

I haven't been able to find anything out about this company.

Gates Ware Palm Trees? Tumbler

Gorham Crystal

Gorham Crystal is a German glassware company.

Gorham Crystal Star Blossom Ice Tea

Hall China

The Hall China Company is located in East Liverpool, Ohio. It has been in business since founded on August 14, 1903. Dinnerware production has been sporatic, however. The company produced dinnerware from 1908 to 1911 and then stopped until 1936. The company is probably most well-known for producing the Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf pattern. In March of 2010, the company merged with Homer Laughlin China Company.

Hanna Barbera Productions, Inc.

Ask any child and they will tell you that Hanna Barbera is a great cartoon production company. I carry a few of their novelty glasses that promoted some of their cartoon characters.

Hanna Barbera Productions, Inc. The Flintstones Glassware "Wilma" Flintstone Tumbler

Hazel Atlas

The Hazel Atlas Glass Company began in 1902 and was first located in Washington, Pennsylvania. Eventually, the company grew and had a number of different plants. Over the years pieces of the company were sold off to other manufacturers. Its final demise came in 1987.

Hazel Atlas Kitchen Glassware Juice Carafe/Chiller


Heisey Glass was founded in 1895 by Augustus Heisey. The factory was located in Newark, Ohio. Following the death of Augustus, the business was operated by his two sons until it closed in 1957. I have pieces from just four of ltheir many patterns.

Heisey Lariat Saucer

Henson Associates

Henson Associates commissioned glassware for the promotion of their Muppet Movies. Who can resist Gonzo, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy?

Henson Associates Muppet Glassware Muppet Tumbler

Imperial Glass Company

The Imperial Glass Company began in Bellaire Ohio in 1910. They produced tableware as well as art glass products. The company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1984, a real loss to the American glass industry. I have pieces from six of their patterns but predominately from their candlewick line.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Pretzel Crystal Candlesticks

Import Associates Czech Republic

I am totally unfamiliar with this company.

Import Associates Czech Republic Cascade Champagne Flute

Indiana/Colony Glass Company

The Indiana Glass Company began as part of the Ohio Flint Glass Company which was later sold to the National Glass Company. They officially became Indiana Glass Company in 1907. They produced a wide variety of glass items in a wide array of colors. The Indiana Carnival (Iridescent) is probably the most popular. In 1957 Lancaster Colony purchased the company. Lancaster Colony closed the factory in 2002. I have many pieces/colors of the Indiana Thumbprint line as well as other patterns.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Carnival Marigold Princess Punch Bowl

James Bradley Assoc. Inc.

I don't know anything about this company. However, since they produced glassware in the same pattern as Corning's Spring Blossom, I assume they are yet another division of Corning.

James Bradley Assoc. Inc. Spring Blossom Juice Glass/Old Fashion

Jeannette Glass Company

Jeannette Glass Company was another premier U.S. glass manufacturer. The Jeanette Glass Co. started in 1888 in Jeannette, PA. In 1969 they acquired Royal China and Harker Pottery. The company continued until 1983. The Country Harvest recipe pie plates continue to be very popular.

Jeannette Glass Company Hellenic Green Shot Glass


Kanawha Glass Company was in business from 1955 to 1987 and was located in Dunbar, West Virginia.

Kanawha Moon and Stars Amberina Tall Vase

King & Son Glass Company

King & Son Glass Company was a producer of pressed glass around the end of the nineteenth century. The plant was located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, founded in 1864. The company later became one of the companies that formed the U. S. Glass Company in 1891.

King & Son Glass Company Bleeding Heart Sugar Bowl w/o Lid

L. Frank Baum

L. Frank Baum was the author of a series of books about the Land of OZ.

L. G. Wright Glass Company

The L. G. Wright Glass Company was a distributor of glassware manufactured by other companies such as Fenton, Fostoria, Morgantown, etc. but produced on L. G. Wright's own molds. For this reason, and the fact that paper labels were used, it is sometimes extremely difficult to tell who manufactured a given piece. L. G. Wright Glass closed in 1999. When the plant closed, many of the molds were sold to Japanese firms who are now manufacturing reproductions but the colors and weight of the items are not the same as the originals.

L. G. Wright Glass Company Moon & Stars Large Red Sugar

Lenox China Company

Lenox, Inc., located in Trenton, New Jersey, has been in business since 1894 and is still going strong. I came across a piece that was labelled "Made In China". I went to the Lenox web site to investigate and there was no indication that any items were made in a country other than the United States. I made an inquiry and was advised by a company representative that their "fine dinnerware is still manufactured in the United States" but their "collectibles and giftware are manufactured in many of the Lenox owned and operated factories throughout the world."

Lenox China Company Special Dinner Plate

Libbey Glass

In business since 1818, the Libbey Glass Company is arguably one of the most famous and longest lasting American/Canadian glass manufacturers. The company has been located in Toledo, Ohio since 1888 (not entirely sure where the Canadian facilities are).

Libbey Glass Silver Leaf Water Glass

Lucas Films

Lucas Films in conjunction with several other companies produced vast amounts of merchandise to promote its films. I am just beginning to carry some of these items. Look for Star Wars glasses under Glassware/Novelty Glassware and action figures under Vintage Toys.

Lucas Films Star Wars Glassware Star Wars Return of the Jedi Tumbler

Luminarc Arcoroc

Luminarc and Arcoroc are two of the brand names of ARC International (Arcopal, Cris d'Arques and Mikasa are three others). Most of their glassware is produced in a plant in Millville, New Jersey (the Durand Glass Manufacturing Company).

Luminarc Arcoroc Cavalier Ruby Cordial

Macbeth-Evans Glass Company

Macbeth-Evans was an American glass company founded in 1899 and located in Charleroi, PA. The company lost its identity when it merged with Corning Glass Works in 1936.

Macbeth-Evans Glass Company American Sweetheart Pink Salad Plate

Martha Stewart

Television personality Martha Stewart has put her name on a vast variety of products including but not limited to: housewares, cookware, glassware, and tableware.

Martha Stewart Animals Jade Turkey

McDonald's Corporation

Like so many other fast food chains, McDonald's Corporation commissioned glassware to be given away as promotional items. Where I can identify the specific manufacturer (such as Fire King), you will find items listed under that manufacturer. When I can't identify a specific company, I list the items here under the McDonald's name in Glassware like the Pittsburg Steelers glasses in our photo. Look for McDonald's coffee mugs under "Fire King" dinnerware.

McDonald's Corporation Novelty Glassware Pittsburg Steelers Collector Series Glass Set

McKee Glass Company/Glasbake

The McKee Glass Company was founded in 1843 (As McKee and Brothers Glass) in Pittsburgh, PA. The company was purchased by Jeannette Glass in 1961. McKee Glass not only made items under its own name but also produced under the "Glasbake" name. Their pieces are gaining in popularity.

McKee Glass Company/Glasbake Milk Glass Tom and Jerry Cup


Mikasa, Inc. was found in 1948 by George Aratani. The company originated in California but as a division of Lifetime Btrands, its headquarters are now located in Garden City, New York. They are a dinner and glassware importer and distributor.

Mikasa Perfect Pair Dinner Plate

Model Flint

The Model Flint Glass Company was established in 1893 in Albany, Indiana. The company ceased production in 1902.

Model Flint Peerless Clear Cordial

Morgantown Glass Guild

Morgantown Glass Guild began in 1899 as the Morgantown Glass works. The name was changed to the Morgantwon Glass Guild in 1939 after a series of name changes and a factory closure. Located in Morgantown, West Virginia, the company had its final closure in 1971. I have several pieces/colors of Crinkle Glass.

Morgantown Glass Guild Crinkle Green Salad Plates

Murano Glass

Murano Glass is not the name of a manufacturer but rather the name of an island off the coast of Venice, Italy. It is home to some of the best hand-blown glass manufacturers in the world. Murano glass is highly prized and very collectible.

Noritake China

Noritake is probably the most well-known of the the Japanese china companies. The company was founded by Baron Ichizaemon Morimura and was named after the village where the factory was built, Noritake, Japan. While I can't begin to carry all of the patterns but I do have various pieces from fifty-one of their patterns.

Noritake China Up-Sa Daisy Gravy Boat

Ohio Flint Glass

Ohio Flint Glass Company began in Bowling Green, Ohio in 1893. It later moved to Dunkirk, Indiana and eventually to Lancaster, Ohio. The company was a producer of EAPG. It went through a series of ownerships and eventually became part of Anchor Hocking.

Ohio Flint Glass Cardinal Bird/Blue Jay Footed Creamer

Paramont Pictures

Paramont Pictures produced these novelty glasses to promote the Star Trek movies.

Paramont Pictures Star Trek Glassware Star Trek III Tumbler


The Pfaltzgraff Pottery Company is located in York Pennsyvania. It has been in operation since 1811. The company was acquired by Lifetime Brands in July of 2005. I have pieces from their Village and Yorktown patterns.

Pfaltzgraff  Yorktowne Tea Pot


I haven't been succcessful in finding any information about this company other than they produced various patterns of glassware.

Portugal Raindrop Emerald Green Champagne Glass


Pyrex is a division of the Corning Company which produces a heat-resistant, tempered glassware. Many of the Pyrex designs complement the Corning bakeware and Corelle dinnerware patterns.


Sasaki Glass Co., Ltd. is a Japanese firm established in 1902 and incorporated in 1947. They make a wide variety of glassware.

Sasaki Wings Champagne Flute

Silver City

Silver City was established in 1905 in Meriden, CT and is still in business.

Silver City Flanders Footed Plate

Smith Glass Co.

The Smith Glass Co.(L. E. Smith), founded in 1907, is one of several that produced items in the Moon and Stars and Daisy and Button patterns. The pieces are easily confused with L. G. Wright's glassware by the same pattern names. The company is still in operation today in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

St. George Crystal

St. George Crystal is/was the only crystal manufacturer in the United States. The company has run into some financial difficulty and the company will be sold off at a sheriff's sale in September.

St. George Crystal Belmont Water Goblet

Swedish Crystal

I know nothing whatsoever about this company.

Swedish Crystal Gulli/Ingrid Gold Water Goblet

Tiffin Glass

Tiffin is a popular United States glass manufacturer with a history dating back to 1888 with A. J. Beatty & Sons and the U. S. Glass Company. The company was purchased by Interpace and produced a line of glassware (Madeira) to complement the Franciscan dinnerware patterns. The final end came to the company in 1980 when production ceased. I also carry some of Tiffin's apothecary jars, Moon & Stars punch bowl/cups, and King's Crown glassware.

Tiffin Glass Madeira Cornsilk Sherbet

Turner Entertainment Company

Like other big production studios, Turner Entertainment Company used various means to advertise their latest productions. One such method was collaborating with other manufacturers and marketing products with their advertisements on them.

Turner Entertainment Company Jelly Jars Tom & Jerry

U. S. Glass Company

The U.S. Glass Company began in the 1800s. It eventually became Tiffin Glass Company in 1893 which went out of business in 1985.

U. S. Glass Company New Jersey Compote


UCAGCO (United China and Glass Company) was a distributor of glass and china. Pieces predominately came from Japan; however, the glassware I have says Portugal on the label.

UCAGCO Twisted Stem Glassware Martini/Gimlet Set

United Features Syndicate, Inc.

Like so many other motion picture production companies, United Features Syndicate, Inc. commissioned various glassware to promote their pictures.

Unknown Glassware

There are pieces here that could have been made by any number of manufacturers who used paper labels to identify their products.

Unknown Glassware Crackle Glass Green Ashtray

Viking Glass or New Martinsville

What began in 1900 as New Martinsville Glass Manufacturing Company became The Viking Glass Company in 1944. Located in New Martinsville, West Virginia, these two companies were producers of elegant and colorful decorative glass pieces. The company went out of business in 1999 but their products remain popular.

Viking Glass or New Martinsville Epic Persimmon Compote

Wallace Berrie & Co.

Wallace Perry & Co. produced glassware to promote the Smurf cartoon characters.

Wallace Berrie & Co. Smurf Glassware Smurf Tumbler

Warner Bros, Inc.

Warner Bros, Inc. in conjunction with the Pepsi Company produced several series of collector glasses promoting their various cartoon characters.

Warner Bros, Inc. Cartoon Glassware Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote Tumbler


Welch's had its beginning in 1869 in Vineland, NJ. The company first produced ceremonial wine but has now become reknown for making all kinds of food products made from grapes.

Welch's Jelly Jars Pokemon #25 Pikachu Jelly Jar

West Virginia Glass SpecialityCompany

The West Virginia Specialty Glass Company, located in Weston, West Vriginia produced a wide variety of glassware. One of their most popular patterns of the 1950s was the "Blendo" pattern which festured frosted glass. Many pieces came with gold trim.


Westmoreland Specialty Company/Westmoreland Glass began in or around 1892 as "The Specialty Glass Company" in East Liverpool, Ohio. Later it became the Westmoreland Glass Company in Grapeville, Pennsylvania. The company closed in 1985.

Westmoreland Beaded Swirl Small Cream and Sugar Set

Wheaton Glass Company

The Wheaton Glass Company, located in New Jersey, produced a number of shaving mugs for the Shulton Old Spice Company from around 1960 to 1974.

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