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Libbey Glass Silver Leaf Water Glass

Libbey Glass - Glassware

In business since 1818, the Libbey Glass Company is arguably one of the most famous and longest lasting American/Canadian glass manufacturers. The company has been located in Toledo, Ohio since 1888 (not entirely sure where the Canadian facilities are).


Libbey produced the Dandelions pattern in the 1960s. It has since been discontinued. It features yellow and orange dandelions.

Libbey Glass Dandelions Pitcher

Golden Foliage

Libbey's Golden Foliage glassware pattern has frosted glass with gold autumn leaves going around and a gold rim.

Libbey Glass Golden Foliage Ice Bucket

Golden Wheat

We believe this pattern was designed to go with either Homer Laughlin's, Taylor, Smith & Taylor or Fire King's Wheat dinnerware. The manufacturer was Libbey of Canada.

Libbey Glass Golden Wheat Tumbler


Libbey's Harmony pattern came in three colors, pink, clear and blue.

Libbey Glass Harmony Salad Plate


Libbey's Prado pattern features smoke-colored glass with a raised pattern of what can best be described as brown squiggles.

Libbey Glass Prado Tumbler


Libbey Satin looks very much like West Virginia Specialty Glass Blendo except for the shape. It was produced in the late 1960s and came in blue, green, red (more of an organge) and yellow. It has a gold rim.

Libbey Glass Satin Red (Orange) Ice Tea

Silver Leaf

Libbey's Silver Leaf glassware pattern has frosted glass with silver autumn leaves going around and a silver rim. The pattern was produced from 1953 to 1978.

Libbey Glass Silver Leaf Water Glass

Unknown Libbey Glass

Someone told me this was Libbey's Golden Pine Cone pattern but I've yet to prove that. It is very similar to Golden Foilage in that the glass is frosted with gold trim but has pine cones instead of the leaves.

Libbey Glass Unknown Libbey Glass Tumbler

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