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Cambridge Glass Company Alpine Ice Bucket

Cambridge Glass Company - Glassware

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The Cambridge Glass Company operated in Cambridge, Ohio from 1901 until 1957. Their pieces are very popular with collectors. You'll find this Alpine ice bucket under Barware. You'll find Caprice pieces under Glassware.


Cambridge pattern 3400 is hard to define. It seems to me this name was assigned to several different shapes.

Cambridge Glass Company 3400 Light Emerald Mini Mug


Cambridge Glass Company produced Caprice from the 1940s to 1957. The colors were Moonlight Blue, La Rosa (pink) and Crystal.

Cambridge Glass Company Caprice Moonlight Blue Handled Bowl


Cambridge made the Harlequin pattern from 1941 to 1943. It came in several colors.

Cambridge Glass Company Harlequin  Amethyst Cordial

Near Cut

Cambridge began imprinting their glassware with the "Near Cut" mark in the very early 1900s. The name "Near Cut" is not a pattern name but rather more of a trademark. This Early American Press Glass mark was replaced around 1920 with the Cambridge "C" within a triangle.

Rose Point

Cambridge Rose Point (#3121) is a beautiful etched pattern.

Cambridge Glass Company Rose Point Water Goblet


Cambridge produced its Square pattern from 1949 to the mid 1950s. It obviously got its name from the square base.

Cambridge Glass Company Square Two-Part Relish

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