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Unknown Glassware Crackle Glass Green Ashtray

Unknown Glassware - Glassware

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There are pieces here that could have been made by any number of manufacturers who used paper labels to identify their products.

California Gold Rush

I don't know what company manufactured this line of glassware. The California Gold Rush theme is only one of many such frosted glass sets. There were eight different patterns in the Gold Rush set. Featured were: the Calveras Frog Jumping Contest, the Discovery of Gold, the Pony Express, California Statehhood, Black Bart, Kit Carson, the Migration West and the Butterfield Overland Stage.

Unknown Glassware California Gold Rush Kit Carson Glass

Crackle Glass

Crackle Glass has become very popular. It is produced by a technique of melting glass and subjecting it to cold water until the outer layer cracks. Then it is blown or molded into shape.

Unknown Glassware Crackle Glass Green Ashtray

Daisy and Button

Daisy and Button was made by numerous glass manufacturers. Some items I can attribute to specific companies but others remain unknown (at least for the time being).

Unknown Glassware Daisy and Button Goblet

Plastic-Coated Glassware

This glassware was very popular in the 1950s. I believe they were given away as premiums. They were great for children as the plastic protected children from chpping their teeth on the glass and prevented the glass from shattering if dropped.

Unknown Glassware Plastic-Coated Glassware Orange Plastic-Coated Old Fashion


Several manufacturers made a version of the "sandwich" glass pattern. This one is not by Anchor Hocking or Indiana so I am not sure who made it.

Unknown Glassware Sandwich Fruit Bowl

Twisted Stem Glassware

I have seen this glassware identified as being made in China, Czechoslovakia and even by Baccarat. All or none could be true. Whatever the case, these pieces are well crafted and beautiful.

Unknown Glassware Twisted Stem Glassware Set of Eight

Unknown Glassware

Sometimes I come across a piece so beautiful I can't wait to post it to our website but I haven't had the time to research it. This category will be ever changing as I identify the pieces I have listed.

Unknown Glassware Unknown Glassware Blue Glass Bowl

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