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Indiana/Colony Glass Company Carnival Marigold Princess Punch Bowl

Indiana/Colony Glass Company - Glassware

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The Indiana Glass Company began as part of the Ohio Flint Glass Company which was later sold to the National Glass Company. They officially became Indiana Glass Company in 1907. They produced a wide variety of glass items in a wide array of colors. The Indiana Carnival (Iridescent) is probably the most popular. In 1957 Lancaster Colony purchased the company. Lancaster Colony closed the factory in 2002. I have many pieces/colors of the Indiana Thumbprint line as well as other patterns.

Candle or Fairy Lamps

Indiana Glass produced these cnadle lamps (often referred to as fairy lamps) in a variety of patterns and colors.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Candle or Fairy Lamps Amber Candle Lamp


The Indiana Glass Company, among others, produced a type of glass which reflected multi-colors, commonly referred to as carnival glass because it was cheap and often given out as prizes at carnivals.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Carnival Marigold Princess Punch Bowl


Indiana produced the Daisy pattern from 1933 to the mid-1980s. The amber color was produced in the 1940s.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Daisy Amber Cake/Sandwich Plate

Diamond Point

Indiana Glass started producing a clear and ruby flashed version of Diamond Point in the 1960s. Later, in the 1980s they began producing colored versions for Tiara Home Products.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Diamond Point Black Wine Goblet


Indiana Fruits is very similar to their Garland pattern. Both have a display of various fruits. Fruits was produced during the 1970s to the 1990s. The only items produced were five-parts relish trays in crystal, amber, olive and multi-colored crystal stained.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Fruits Crystal Relish Tray


The Indiana Glass pattern, Garland, came in a variety of colors, both plain and carnival. The design is of a variety of fruits.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Garland Marigold Carnival Garland Fruit Bowl


Indiana made the Harvest pattern in a wide variety of colors. You will find the carnival pieces in this pattern under "carnival". The pattern features a grape leaf design. This pattern was produced by Indiana Glass but sold under the Colony Glass name.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Harvest Milk Glass  Water Goblet


So far as I know, the only items produced in the Heritage pattern were pieces of a mayonnaise set consisting of a bowl, underplate and spoon.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Heritage Mayonnaise Bowl


Indiana Glass produced Killarney in the 1940s. It came in various colors.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Killarney Marigold two-Part Relish Dish

Lace Edge

For Indiana Glass, the term lace edge actually refers to the open loop design on the edge. Pieces made with the lace edge can have different patterns such as Lorain, Harvest, etc.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Lace Edge Iridescent Blue Candy Box

Lily Pons

Indiana Glass made Lily Pons in a variety of colors: clear, green, amber, carnival ruby and milk glass.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Lily Pons Milk Glass Bowl


I have only seen the Indiana Glass Loganberry pattern in this bowl shape. I have seen it in clear crystal, green and the marigold color and have been told it exists in milk glass. It may have been done in the carnival blue as well. It was produced from 1923 to 1933.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Loganberry Marigold Carnival Bon Bon Bowl


Indiana Glass produced the Lorain pattern for only a short period, from 1929 to 1932. Pieces were made in green, crystal, yellow and milk glass.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Lorain Milk Glass Champagne/Tall Sherbet

Mt. Vernon

Indiana Glass produced the Mt. Vernon pattern from 1968 to 1987. You can find pieces in amber, smoky blue, olive green and crystal.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Mt. Vernon Water Goblet

Pebble Leaf

Indiana's Pebble Leaf glassware came in a variety of colors including clear, green, amber and several carnival glass colors.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Pebble Leaf Wine Goblet


I suppose the Indiana Glass Company named this pattern "Pretzel" because the shape of the molded glass is about the size of a pretzel. It came in various colors including crystal, green and amber carnival.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Pretzel Green Celery Dish


I've seen these Indiana Glass Princess covered candy dishes in green, amber, clear and blue carnival colors.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Princess Blue Carnival Covered Candy Dish


Indiana Glass Company began producing Quadruped in 1908, a year after the company was formed. Pieces were produced in clear cystal and ruby stained.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Quadruped Sugar Bowl


Indiana produced their Sandwich pattern from 1925 to 1985.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Sandwich Clear Sherbet

Thumbprint/King's Crown/Color Crown

Indiana/Colony Glass Company made the Thumbprint/King's Crown/Color Crown pattern in a variety of colors. It closely resembles the King's Crown pattern by Tiffin. The picture here shows the subtle difference between the dark and light amber.


Indiana began production of Weavetex in crystal in the 1950s. Colors were introduced in the 1960s and production continued into the 1990s.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Weavetex Serving Bowl


Indiana Glass Company's Whitehall pattern is extremely similar to Fostoria's American and Jeannette's Cube.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Whitehall Clear Ice Tea

Wild Rose

Indiana produced Wild Rose in several colors, including chrystal, iridescent gold (Marigold) and milk glass. Most of the production was between 1950 and the 1970s.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Wild Rose Crystal Cake Plate


The Federal Glass Company made items in the Windsor pattern in crystal. The pink, light blue and carnival blue colors were produced by Indiana Glass using the molds they purchased when Federal Glass went out of business.

Indiana/Colony Glass Company Windsor Blue Carnival Sugar without Lid

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