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Federal Glass Rosemary "Dutch Rose" Fruit Bowl

Federal Glass - Glassware

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The Federal Glass Company was located in Columbus, Ohio and was one of the major producers of "Depression Glass". It was eventually purchased by Lancaster Colony. Look under Glassware and Kitchenware to find their products. I have quite a few pieces in the Windsor pattern (if you are looking for colored Windsor, look under Indiana Glass).


Federal started producing Celestial in 1965. The colors were crystal, blue and Sun Gold with an iridescent finish. This was a special giftware line not a dinnerware pattern.

Federal Glass Celestial Iridescent Large Bowl


Federal Columbia was produced from 1938 to 1942. As far as I know it came in pink and crystal.

Federal Glass Columbia Butter Dish without Lid


Madrid by Federal Glass is one of the depression glass patterns. It came in a variety of colors.

Federal Glass Madrid Amber Sugar Bowl

Pioneer Line

Federal Glass produced the Pioneer Line in the 1940s. I remember as a child pieces were given away as prizes at the Midway games of our county fair in the 1950s (guess I'm dating myself, oh, dear!)

Federal Glass Pioneer Line Smoke Carnival Sandwich Plate

Unknown Federal Glass

I don't know the name of this pattern by Federal Glass but it looks like it is from the 1970s. The chiller has brown red and yellow stripes while the juice glasses also have a gray stripe.

Federal Glass Unknown Federal Glass Juice Set


The Federal Glass Company made items in the Windsor pattern in crystal. The pink, light blue and carnival blue colors were produced by Indiana Glass using the molds they purchased when Federal Glass went out of business.

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