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Imperial Glass Company - Glassware

The Imperial Glass Company began in Bellaire Ohio in 1910. They produced tableware as well as art glass products. The company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1984, a real loss to the American glass industry. I have pieces from six of their patterns but predominately from their candlewick line.


Imperial Candlewick has a distinctive beadwork on the edges. It came is a variety of colors. Some beads are small and others, larger. Imperial produced candlewick from 1936 to 1984.

Imperial Glass Company Candlewick Bowl

Crocheted Glass

The Imperial Glass Company produced Crocheted glassware from 1943 until the early 1950s.

Imperial Glass Company Crocheted Glass Glass Compote

Embossed Rose

Don't know if "Embossed Rose" is actual name of this pattern by Imperial Glass but it certainly describes it.

Imperial Glass Company Embossed Rose Amethyst Vase

Nu-Cut #212

Imperial Glass produced the Nu-Cut #212 pattern in 1913. So far as I know, only the cream and sugar were produced.

Imperial Glass Company Nu-Cut #212 Creamer


Imperial's Provincial pattern was fashioned after Heisey's Whirlpool pattern. Imperial began producing it in 1957 after Heisey ceased production.

Imperial Glass Company Provincial Amethyst Water Goblet


Imperial Simplicity (Stem #440) has four distinct bulges on the stem. The #440 stem also was the base for Imperial's Valencia pattern.

Imperial Glass Company Simplicity Goblet


Imperial's Starlight pattern (Cut 108) was etched on the Candlewick Stem 3400 shape. It was produced from 1937 to 1961.

Imperial Glass Company Starlight Perfume Bottle with Stopper

Vintage Grape

Imperial Vintage Grape is a heavy glassware that came in several colors.

Imperial Glass Company Vintage Grape Carnival Water Goblet

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