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Luminarc Arcoroc Cavalier Ruby Cordial

Luminarc Arcoroc - Glassware

Luminarc and Arcoroc are two of the brand names of ARC International (Arcopal, Cris d'Arques and Mikasa are three others). Most of their glassware is produced in a plant in Millville, New Jersey (the Durand Glass Manufacturing Company).


Luminarc Arcoroc Americana has a clear bowl and came in a variety of colored stems.

Luminarc Arcoroc Americana Blue Champagne Flute


Luminarc Cavalier glassware has a clear stem with a colored bowl. Pieces are also listed under the brand names of Arcopal and Cris d'Arques. The dinnerware is solid ruby.

Luminarc Arcoroc Cavalier Ruby Cordial


Arcoroc produced Cocoon a relatively short period of time, from 2001 to 2003.

Luminarc Arcoroc Cocoon Plate

Color Program

Luminarc produced Color Progam from 2001 to 2003.

Luminarc Arcoroc Color Program Ruby Luncheon Plate


Arcoroc Fleur is a glass pattern with Aspen-like leaves (not to be confused with their Aspen pattern, however). I believe that over the years the pattern pieces have changed slightly as I have come across similiar pieces with slight shape variations. Pay particular attention to the sizes.

Luminarc Arcoroc Fleur Small Bowl

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