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Culver Glass Unknown Culver Glass Green and Gold Martini Pitcher

Culver Glass - Glassware

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Culver Glass Company was an American glass manufacturer. The glassware was very popular in the 1950s and remains so to this day for many collectors. This glassware is getting harder and harder to find in very good or execellent condition. Too many people are putting it in their dishwashers - the shame of it!!! I have also found that not all pieces bear the Culver name. The signed Valencia pattern differs slighty from the unsigned. Many pieces were probably only marked with paper labels.


We are not sure of this pattern's correct name but "Daisy" seems to fit it. This pattern is an ideal match for the Metlox Sculptured Daisy dinnerware.

Unknown Culver Glass

This Culver pattern is similar in color to the Valencia pattern except instead of a diamond pattern, you have squares.

Culver Glass Unknown Culver Glass Green and Gold Martini Pitcher


Culver Glass Company is noted for its gilded glassware. This type of glassware was most popular in the late 1960s, early 1970s. Culver copyrighted their patterns. Some pieces are signed and some are not. The company also used paper labels.

Culver Glass Valencia Glassware Set

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