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Disney Novelty Glassware Winnie the Pooh and Tigre

Disney - Glassware

The Disney Company frequently commissions different items to be made to promote their movies. It is not unusual to find plates, cups or glasses with characters from their latest project. I only carry their novelty glassware (not plastic) and jelly jars.

Jelly Jars

One way for Disney Enterprises to advertise their latest viedo was to put the information on a Welch's jelly jar. These jars are favorites for the do-it-yourself homemaker that makes home-made jellies and jams. They also serve as juice glasses.

Disney Jelly Jars Goofy

Novelty Glassware

Glassware commissioned by the Disney Company was primarily given away at fast-food restaurants in order to promote their lastest movie. In later years, the company used plastic instead of glass, what a shame!

Disney Novelty Glassware Winnie the Pooh and Tigre

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